Corvette Central Offers “No Drone” Dual Outlet Mufflers for 1984-90 Corvettes


Corvette Central Offers No Drone Dual Outlet Mufflers for 1984-90 Corvettes

A recent study of Corvette owners by SEMA found that the exhaust system is the most popular upgrades. Our friends at Corvette Central are aware of this fact and have set up a site dedicated to Corvette exhaust systems. features stock and performance systems for all six Corvette generations including these new dual-outlet mufflers for 1984-1990 Corvettes.

The original 1984-1990 muffler featured a dual outlet as well but the inner outlet tube was for appearance only and was blocked off. Corvette Central re-engineered the C4 muffler so that the outer tube is open and the inner outlet tube is connected to a small resonance tube. This provides the correct sound and quietness of the original without that annoying low-RPM drone.

Check out this video where you can actually hear the sound from the mufflers.

Pricing for the C4 Dual Outlet mufflers are $219 each. These mufflers are manufactured and welded in the USA while the cases are manufactured in Canada. Visit Corvette Central Exhaust for more details.

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