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[VIDEO] Man Turns C6 Corvette into a Full Scale Remote Controlled Car

My three sons have always loved playing with remote control Corvettes, going back to the days of the C5, continuing through the C6 and C7.

The bigger the car, the better, they always told me.

Well, they are absolutely in love with the latest remote control Corvette I found them.

“Cool, dad!” was their first response.

[VIDEO] The Burnout Contest at the 2014 Corvettes at Carlisle

One of our favorite events at Corvettes at Carlisle is the Friday afternoon burnout contest. You’re never quite sure who’s going to show up and once the tires start spinning, anything can happen. This year’s event did not disappoint with three contestants in two white C4s and one custom C5 Corvette plus a demonstration from the father-daughter team of Lance and Ella Miller.

Via CorvetteVideos.TV

It’s not quite the 8-second Blue Devil promised in the title, but this Corvette ZR1 is very fast and produces massive burnouts.

Ride along on the street inside a very fast Corvette ZR1. The Corvette then hits the track for some massive burnouts and quarter mile passes.

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