[VIDEO] Clueless Driver Roasts the Clutch of a C7 Corvette Z06 While Attempting a Burnout


[VIDEO] Clueless Driver Roasts the Clutch of a C7 Corvette Z06

We’ve seen this before where someone attempts a burnout and instead they end up causing serious damage to their clutch. It’s a hard thing to watch as there is all that smoke and noise, and yet the rear tires remain firmly planted to the pavement. You just want someone to tell the driver they are doing it wrong and put an end to the painful exercise.

We caught this video recently uploaded to YouTube featuring a Black C7 Corvette Z06 and we can imagine the driver telling the cameraman to “hold his beer” while making the burnout attempt. Instead of burning rubber, smoke from the roasted clutch is pouring out from the rear of the Corvette as well as through the engine compartment.

Burnouts in a manual transmission Corvette can be a tricky thing for some. Sure you have plenty of power with 650-horsepower on tap, but those Michelin pilot sport tires provide a sticky grip and unless you get them spinning, well, you can see what happens here:


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  1. I can’t understand why anyone would want to burn up a set of perfectly good (not to mention expensive) tires doing burnouts. More money than brains I guess.

  2. Jeez…its too bad there isn’t some kind of test you had to take before they ever let you
    behind the wheel of a Corvette.

  3. The guy attempting to sell his Corvette for 2 million dollars got the attention that he sought. Maybe he is afraid that he will total the car and this is his way of proving that a future classic is worth more now than when it becomes a future classic–25 years from now. AF

  4. Don’t understand this guy. With the power we have just let the clutch out and floor it. I have Michelin Super Sports on mine and if I floor it just as the clutch is engaged my car will smoke the tires. My .02

  5. It takes a certain amount of smarts, skill, and co-ordination to do a static burn-out with a stick shift car. This guy and many others are severely lacking in those areas and have no business owning a car with more than minimal horsepower.

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