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Corvette Values

Depreciating Corvettes: The Top 10 of 2005

by Keith Cornett on March 2, 2006

Continuing with our discussion of Corvette Pricing Trends from 2005, we now look at Corvettes whose values are still depreciating. The C5s (1997-2004) continue to show single digit depreciation results with one moving to a no-change designation, however, none have moved into the positive column at this time. The 2005 model C6s are showing low double digit depreciation, the norm for a new model. In the depreciation chart, the majority of Corvettes were C5 models, same as last year, with two new additions this year, the C6 models and one of the C4 models – the 1996 Collector Edition Roadster.

Year Model % Change Average Price
2005 Coupe 14% $44,200
2005 Roadster 12% $55,000
2000 Hard Top 10% $22,500
1998 Coupe 9% $19,900
1999 Hard Top 9% $21,500
2001 Roadster 9% $30,000
2002 Z06 9% $32,000
1996 Coll. Edt Road 8% $22,000
1998 Roadster 8% $24,000
2004 Z06 8% $40,500
The 2005 C6 Corvette Coupes and Roadsters were at the top of the list in 2005 with a 14% and 12% depreciation factor, respectively. This is not surprising since this is the norm for first year standard production Corvettes. Adding to the low double-digit depreciation factor is the fact that a number of these Corvettes sold at over list price initially due to pent up demand and this activity inflated the original base prices. Two of the Hard-Top models made the list, 2000 and 1999 models. These show a higher depreciation level than the Coupe and Roadster in their respective years primarily due limited options available on these models and no way for owners to “catch rays” with the fixed roof concept. Two of the early model C5s also made this list, the 1998 Coupe and Roadster reflecting single-digit depreciation. Please note that single depreciation for a newer model cannot really be considered as “bad”. Many of today’s buyers are looking at the 1999-2000 models that offer more options and are passing on the 1998 models. The good news is in the buyer’s arena. A C5 for $20,000 is a real buy considering all of the handling, performance and technology that the C5 provides. Two of the Z06s made the list. Their depreciation results can be attributed to the introduction of the C6 with comparable horsepower (Z06- 405HP vs. C6 @ 400HP). Also, they are no longer ‘King of the Hill’ especially with the new 505HP Z06. Two other models, a 2001 Roadster and the 1996 Collector Edition Roadster, appear on the list without any specific market or performance reasons. Credit
Bob Kroupa of Vette-N-Vestments contributed this content. Bob is publisher of the Corvette Market Letter and the 2006 Corvette Price Guide, both available for purchase in the Online Store.

Appreciating Corvettes: The Top 11 of 2005

by Keith Cornett on February 27, 2006

2005 was another great year for Corvette enthusiast who also own Corvettes. Our analysis for the 2005 calendar year reflects excellent price results. Most of the 1953-1982 models outperformed the S&P Stock Market Index. In fact, all models through 1982 showed positive appreciation results with only one showing a “no change” designation. The 1984-1996 models showed positive results with 24 of the 38 models showing no-change or positive appreciation results. Only 12 of the 14 are showing negative results of at or under -5% depreciation. For 2005 we have noted a trend change for Corvettes identified in our top eleven appreciation chart.

Year Model % Change Average Price
1955 Roadster 27% $54,600
1969 T- Top 14% $19,800
1957 Roadster 13% $49,800
1954 Roadster 12% $43,900
1956 Roadster 12% $45,400
1958 Roadster 12% $41,300
1964 Roadster 12% $28,600
1968 T-Top 11% $16,600
1963 Coupe 10% $39,200
1968 Roadster 10% $21,500
1978 Pace Car 10% $19,900
Note there are five of the early models shown on the chart compared to only three for 2004. The lead Corvette, a 1955 Roadster shows a dramatic increase, 27%, for an average price of $54,600. Supporting this appreciation factors is the low production number of only 700 units and the availability of the first V-8 in a Corvette. As a side note, 693 of the buyers selected the V-8 option. With this option, this Corvette was delivered at a list price of $2,909! The number two spot went to the 1969 T-Top with an average price of $19,800 reflecting a 14% appreciation factor. In addition, the 1968 T- Top shows an 11% return at $16,600 and the 1968 Roadster at 10% with an average price of $21,500. These three models can be termed collectables, especially with an age factor of 35+ years and the offering of special high performance motors. These Vettes are “affordable” with an average price of under $20,000 offering excellent appreciation potential in today’s market. Of interest and value is the fact that a 1968 T-Top and a 1969 Roadster were included in our Top Ten Appreciation List in 2004, this makes two years in a row! Back to the early models that made the list…the Roadster – 1957, 1954, 1956 and 1958 – all had low production numbers with none exceeding an annual production figure of 9,200 units. In total, 22,614 units of these models were built. Using an assumed factor that 80% are still in existence, the number possibly available today is reduced to 18,000. This total number of these four models is virtually less than any one production year starting with the 1963 model. Two mid-years made the list, a 1964 Roadster with 12% year over year appreciation showed an average price of $28,600. This model represents the entry level for the ever-popular mid-year Roadster. Included was the 1963 Split Window Coupe with its unique classic lines at an average price of $39,200 for a 10% year over year appreciation factor. Closing out the list was the 1978 Pace Car with an average price of $19,900 that showed a 10% year over year appreciation factor. Adding to its appearance on the chart is the fact that numerous ones that are sold have minimal mileage with many of these Corvettes showing mileage of less than 500 miles. This model Corvette, 28 years old, with true “around the block” mileage will continue to command top dollar. Credit
Bob Kroupa of Vette-N-Vestments contributed this content. Bob is publisher of the Corvette Market Letter and the 2006 Corvette Price Guide, both available for purchase in the Online Store. Releases Annual Corvette Price Guide

by Keith Cornett on February 24, 2006

Our Corvette classifieds website has released the annual Corvette Pricing Guide and we have posted an analysis of the Corvette Pricing Trends from 2005 on the site. The 2006 Corvette Price Guide contains over 5,800 Corvette prices from 2005 to give us the High, Low, and Average prices of all Corvette model years and body styles. The guide also contains appreciation and depreciation figures for One, Two and Five years, as well as pricing for options including motors, wheels and A/C. The online version features the average prices of over 110 different Corvette models spanning 1953-2006. The printed version, which contains High/Low and Average prices as well as appreciation/depreciation percentages is available for $15 and can be purchased through the online store. The top appreciation gainers include the 1955 Corvette, which grew in value over 2004’s prices by 27% and the 1969 Corvette, whose prices averaged 14% over the previous year. The 1955 model is special in the fact that production was limited to only 700 and it was the first year the V8 engine was offered in the Corvette. The 1969 model year is showing a lot of movement due to many highly-optioned Corvettes still available at reasonable prices. And let’s not forget the fourth generation Corvettes, 1984-1996. Many of these have turned the corner and are showing positive results in average price. Prime examples include the 1990 ZR-1 and 1993 Ruby Red Anniversary Roadster, both showing a 7% appreciation factor in average price during the past year. Data from the price guide comes from analyzing the selling prices of over 5,800 Corvettes during 2005 and then comparing the sales figures to years prior. That method has proven to be a statistically accurate measure of the Corvette Market. Bob Kroupa of Vette-N-Vestments, is the data provider for the annual guide and publisher of the Corvette Market Letter. In his analysis of last year’s market, Bob said “Most of the 1953-1982 models outperformed the S&P 500 Stock Market Index. In fact, all models through 1982 showed positive appreciation results with only one showing a ‘no change’ designation.”

Barrett-Jackson Corvette Sales Top $12.6 Million

by Keith Cornett on January 24, 2006

By the time the final gavel fell on the 2006 Barrett-Jackson Auction in Scottsdale, 113 Corvettes crossed the auction block for a total combined sales of $12,679,362.00. A sales commission of 8% is factored into our totals as published at the Barrett-Jackson website. This year’s highest selling Corvette was #003, the oldest surviving Corvette which sold for $1 Million Dollars. Dave Ressler, owner of several multi-brand dealerships in South Dakota and Montana, outbid Terry Michaelis of ProTeam Corvettes and Dana Mecum of Mecum Auctions. Other Notable Corvettes include: A 1967 Convertible 427/435 car sold for $378,000. The Corvette received a Top Flight award in September 2005 and has been featured twice in Corvette Enthusiast Magazine. A 1969 L-88 Coupe sold for $334,800. Nicknamed Earthquake 88 due to the roar of the engines of the L88 cars, the Riverside Gold coupe spent many years of its life on display at the famous Gilmore Classic Car Museum in Hickory Corners, Michigan. Selected in 1988 for the Bloomington Gold Special Collection. This Corvette was inducted into the Bloomington Gold Hall of Fame in 1998. Selected again for the 2003, 50th Anniversary Corvette celebration, the car was part of the special collection that year. Bloomington Gold certified 2003 and NCRS Top Flight 2005. David Van Weele’s 1963 Z06 sold for $197,640. One of 199 Z06′s built. Awards include NCRS Top Flight, NCRS Duntov Award and Performance Verification, Bloomington Gold and part of very first Bloomington Gold Special Collection, Chips Choice Award and twice in NCRS “Field of Dreams” at Orlando. Appeared twice in the Chevy tent at the Daytona Rolex 24 race. Used as a reference car by Noland Adams in his restoration guide. Complete Results:

Lot #YearDescriptionSales Price
13111953CHEVROLET CORVETTE #003 CONVERTIBLE$1,080,000.00
4291965CHEVROLET CORVETTE 396/425 COUPE$75,600.00
713.11965CHEVROLET CORVETTE 327 COUPE$67,500.00
10261965CHEVROLET CORVETTE 396/425 COUPE$91,800.00
9591966CHEVROLET CORVETTE 327/350 COUPE$76,680.00
991.11966CHEVROLET CORVETTE 427/425 CONVERTIBLE$108,000.00
1052.11966CHEVROLET CORVETTE 427/390 CONVERTIBLE$83,160.00
12631966CHEVROLET CORVETTE 427/425 CONVERTIBLE$216,000.00
15521966CHEVROLET CORVETTE 327/350 CONVERTIBLE$72,360.00
15651966CHEVROLET CORVETTE 427/425 CONVERTIBLE$113,400.00
419.11967CHEVROLET CORVETTE 427/435 CONVERTIBLE$121,500.00
10031967CHEVROLET CORVETTE 427/435 COUPE$137,160.00
10091967CHEVROLET CORVETTE 427/435 CONVERTIBLE$105,840.00
10171967CHEVROLET CORVETTE 427/435 CONVERTIBLE$189,000.00
1018.11967CHEVROLET CORVETTE 427/435 COUPE$97,200.00
10271967CHEVROLET CORVETTE 427/435 CONVERTIBLE$216,000.00
10401967CHEVROLET CORVETTE 427/435 CONVERTIBLE$149,040.00
10591967CHEVROLET CORVETTE 427/400 CONVERTIBLE$136,080.00
1231.11967CHEVROLET CORVETTE 427/390 COUPE$88,560.00
12361967CHEVROLET CORVETTE 427/435 CONVERTIBLE$221,400.00
1261.11967CHEVROLET CORVETTE 427/400 COUPE$108,000.00
12651967CHEVROLET CORVETTE 427/435 CONVERTIBLE $228,960.00
12751967CHEVROLET CORVETTE 427/400 CONVERTIBLE$221,400.00
12791967CHEVROLET CORVETTE 427/435 CONVERTIBLE$210,600.00
12841967CHEVROLET CORVETTE 427/435 CONVERTIBLE$378,000.00
12981967CHEVROLET CORVETTE 427/435 CONVERTIBLE$248,400.00
13031967CHEVROLET CORVETTE 427/435 CONVERTIBLE$216,000.00
15441967CHEVROLET CORVETTE 427/435 CONVERTIBLE$162,000.00
15701967CHEVROLET CORVETTE 427/390 COUPE$92,880.00
15781967CHEVROLET CORVETTE 427/435 COUPE$149,040.00
401968CHEVROLET CORVETTE 427/390 T TOP$38,340.00
10541968CHEVROLET CORVETTE 427/435 COUPE$66,960.00
15461968CHEVROLET CORVETTE 427/435 CONVERTIBLE$99,360.00
7721969CHEVROLET CORVETTE 427/390 COUPE$41,040.00
975.11969CHEVROLET CORVETTE 427/435 COUPE$116,100.00
1271.11969CHEVROLET CORVETTE L-88 COUPE$334,800.00
13251969CHEVROLET CORVETTE L-88 COUPE$237,600.00
1556.11969CHEVROLET CORVETTE 427/435 ROADSTER$128,520.00
6831972CHEVROLET CORVETTE 2 DOOR$43,200.00
Total Sales:$12,679,362.00

003 Sells for 1 Million Dollars

by Keith Cornett on January 22, 2006

#003, the oldest surviving Corvette was auctioned at Barrett-Jackson on Saturday for One Million Dollars. Okay, I can’t say that without thinking about Austin Power’s Dr. Evil. But sold it did for $1,080,000. No word on who the buyer was although word on the street is that both ProTeam Corvette’s Terry Michaelis and Dana Mecum from Mecum auctions were both unsuccessful in bidding for this truly historic Corvette. Read our previous post for more information on #003.

Corvette Values: 1996 CE Convertible

by Keith Cornett on January 4, 2006

JM from IN submitted the following to Corvette Values: 1996 Collector’s Edition Convertible. VIN 1G1YY325OT51053XX. Sebring Silver with Black interior, Black top. LT4 Engine, 6-Speed Manual Tranmission. 29,705 Miles. Power Braks, Steering, Windows. Exterior and interior are in Good condition. No original sales documents or owner history. This corvette is a genuine 1996 Collector Edition Corvette Convertible, VIN #IGIYY3250T51053XX. The VIN indicates it was built early in the 1996 Corvette production year. As with all Collector Edition Corvettes, the exterior paint color is Sebring Silver Metallic, code #13. The interior of the Convertible as well as the convertible top are Black. The overall condition for this Corvette is termed “good”. The current mileage is 29,705, considered low for a 1996 vehicle. It is powered by the LT4 motor rated at 330 HP and coupled with a 6-speed manual transmission. During the 1996 Corvette production year, 30% of the Corvettes built had this engine and transmission combination. The Collector Edition option was available for both the Coupe and Convertible. A total of 5,412 Corvettes were ordered with this option of which 1,381 were convertibles. Total production of convertibles for the 1996 model year was 4,369, thus only 32% had the Collector Edition option, in total a somewhat rare option especially coupled with the LT4 motor. The “curb appeal” of this 1996 Corvette is excellent with its Silver paint and contrasting Black top and interior. This Corvette is equipped with many of the feature options that were available for the 1996 model year. No original delivery documentation or owner history is available with this Corvette. We place the value of this 1996 Corvette convertible at $26,000. In our pricing database we actually show an increase of 1% year to year for Collector’s Edition Convertibles while average 1996 Convertibles are still depreciating in value. Submissions:
Send your submissions to with “Corvette Values” in the subject line. We can’t answer them all, but if we find your Corvette interesting to both us and our visitors, we may use it. Feel free to submit a photo as well.

Corvette Values: 1972 Convertible

by Keith Cornett on November 16, 2005

Neal B. sent us the following email: Hi, I am in the process of restoring a 72 convert. The car came with a m21 close ratio 4sp and no other options. It is steel Cities Gray. Is the tranny rare for a 1972 and is the steel cities gray rare. The reason I ask is, I don’t particularly like the color (blue is my color). However, I may sell it when it is finished and I want to get the most out of it. Thanks Neal Our Response: There were three transmission options available in 1972: the base wide ratio 4-speed, the Turbo Hydra-Matic Automatic and the M21 Close Ratio 4-Speed. The M21 was installed in just 1,638 Corvettes out of a total production of 27,004 making it an option in just 6% of the Corvettes produced in 1972. There were 10 exterior colors available in ’72 and the steel cities gray was selected in 2,346 Corvettes or just over 8% of total production. Because there so many colors offered in 1972, this doesn’t add any real value to your Corvette. If your ’72 is numbers matching but the exterior color is different than original, you may take a slight hit in the value of the Corvette. You can minimize that hit by going with a color from the same year. If you decide to repaint it blue, go with Bryar Blue, offered only in 1972 on 1,617 total Corvettes: Our current price guide shows an average 72 Convertible valued at $21,600 with a one year appreciation of 12%. The 68-72 models have been showing tremendous value over the last few years and that trend will probably continue.

Auburn November Classic Auction Results

by Keith Cornett on November 10, 2005

Kruse International posted the results of the November Classic auction held November 4-6 in Auburn, Indiana. The November Classic Auction is in its third year and is one of the smaller auctions with around 300 cars expected to cross the auction block. 15 Corvettes were represented and only three sold making this auction a disappointment for buyers and sellers alike. Of the three that sold, two of those were in the $5,000′s and the high was a 72 Coupe which sold for $12,500. Let’s be clear that while a couple of the midyears were modified racers, there was also a tri-power ’67 that hit a final bid at $90,000. While that amount is akin to a bargain, it appears that at all these auctions we are only seeing Condition 1 Corvettes with numbers-matching and Bloomington certifications. Are we seeing a trend here? The last few Auction results from this fall have featured a significant portion of Corvettes receiving high bids but were no sales. My belief is still that the market is strong and that Corvette sellers are holding out for the top dollar pricing they can receive at either the larger, Corvette dominated auctions or through direct selling efforts.

Year/ModelPriceBid Type
1959 Convertible$50,000Final Bid
1961 Convertible$58,000Final Bid
1964 Grand Sport Roadster$32,000Final Bid
1965 Race Car Roadster$21,000Final Bid
1967 Coupe$80,000Final Bid
1967 Coupe$90,000Final Bid
1968 Coupe$12,000Final Bid
1970 Coupe$25,000Final Bid
1971 Coupe$5,300Sold
1972 Coupe$12,500Sold
1978 Coupe$7,500Final Bid
1979 Coupe$8,600Final Bid
1979 Coupe$5,600Sold
1987 Callaway Convertible$35,000Final Bid
1989 Coupe$7,000Final Bid
Click here for full auction results

Michigan Fall Classic Auction Results

by Keith Cornett on November 1, 2005

RM Auctions posted the results of the Michigan International Fall Classic Car Auction held September 22nd-25th at the Michigan State Fairgrounds. Of the 23 Corvettes listed, only 10 were sold.

Year/ModelPriceBid Type
1956 Convertible$48,500Final Bid
1960 Convertible$53,000Final Bid
1960 Convertible (custom)$39,590SOLD
1964 Coupe$27,000Final Bid
1967 Coupe$37,500Final Bid
1968 Coupe$14,900Final Bid
1968 Convertible$18,511SOLD
1970 Convertible$28,355SOLD
1971 Coupe$17,644SOLD
1972 Coupe$17,900Final Bid
1974 Coupe$8,880SOLD
1975 Coupe (L82)$12,500Final Bid
1977 Coupe$12,840SOLD
1978 Coupe$5,564SOLD
1978 25th Anv Coupe$26,000Final Bid
1979 Coupe$5,750Final Bid
1979 Coupe$5,300Final Bid
1980 Coupe$8,560SOLD
1982 Coupe$13,750Final Bid
1994 Convertible$11,503SOLD
1995 Convertible$17,655SOLD
1999 Coupe$37,500Final Bid
2005 Coupe$39,000Final Bid
Click Here for Full Auction Results

Corvette Values: 1982 CE Coupe

by Keith Cornett on October 25, 2005

Bryan B. from GA submitted this 1982 Collector’s Edition Coupe to Corvette Values: 1982 Collector Editions Coupe. VIN: 1G1AY0781C51094xx. Silver Beige with Silver Beige leather interior. 56K Original Miles. 350 ci 200 hp, Automatic. Power Steering/Brakes/Windows. Factory AC. Owner History and Owners Manual. Mechanicals, Exterior and interior rated as good. Tires excellent. This 1982 Corvette is a unique Collector Edition Corvette, built to give special recognition to the last model year of the third generation Corvette. All 1982 Corvettes were built at the new Corvette Assembly Plant in Bowling Green, KY. This was the first full production year for Corvettes at this facility. The VIN# 1G1AYO781C5109494 indicates this Corvette was built in March 1982. The VIN also indicates it is a bonified Collector Edition Corvette. A number of Collector Edition replicas have been known to surface with a value considerably less than an original Collector Edition. A special VIN with the sixth digit of “0″ was established to verify all of the original Collector Edition Corvettes. This Corvette has 56,524 original miles that can be termed average for a 1982 model Corvette. The overall condition of this Vette is considered “good” from an interior and exterior perspective. The special silver beige paint is in good condition and does not reflect the 56,000 miles shown. It is quite apparent that these were carefully driven miles based on the condition of the paint. The Collector Edition paint scheme included special decals on the door sides and hood to enhance the paint scheme. The ones on this Vette are in excellent condition. The Collector Edition included special wheels that resembled the 1967 Corvette optional bolt-on wheels. These, too, are in excellent condition and the tires appear to be new. The “curb appeal” of this Corvette can be termed excellent with its unique paint and special wheels. This model includes removable glass roof panels, a rear hatch that opens and all of the power options. Documentation is important in establishing the price of a Corvette. Documentation for this Corvette includes owner history and the original owners manual is available. The appraised value of this 1982 Collector Edition Corvette is $16,900. In addition, our price database of Collector Edition Corvettes shows a 1% appreciation factor when compared to the average price of one year ago. Submissions:
Send your submissions to with “Corvette Values” in the subject line. We can’t answer them all, but if we find your Corvette interesting to both us and our visitors, we may use it. Feel free to submit a photo as well.

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