[ACCIDENT] Ford F-250 Super Duty Doesn’t See that C8 Stingray in the Parking Lot


[ACCIDENT] Ford F-250 Super Duty Doesn't See that C8 Stingray in the Parking Lot

Photo Credit: Irvin Sanchez/Facebook

Here’s a picture of two drivers having a very bad day in Atlanta.

The day’s good vibes went south after the driver of the Ford F-250 Super Duty appears to have been leaving a parking spot and simply jacked his wheel too tight to the right and wedged the left front corner of a Torch Red C8 Corvette Stingray Coupe under the truck.

As the internet meme game goes, “Tell me you’re having a bad day without telling me why.

The images come from a member of the Facebook page C8 Corvette Owners (and Friends) and we get two views of the incident, one from the side and other from behind. While the side view photo doesn’t really appear to show any damage to the C8 Corvette, the rearview pic clearly shows the Ford resting across the Stingray’s driver-side front fender.

[ACCIDENT] Ford F-250 Super Duty Doesn't See that C8 Stingray in the Parking Lot

From the rear pic, we also see a Ford Explorer Police Vehicle attending the scene. As the action appears to happen within a parking lot, chances are the responding officers were there to simply document the incident for insurance reasons.

C8 Corvette Owners (and Friends)

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  1. With the Ford jacked up so high and possibly its mirrors not adjusted for it, it explains the accident. Sad because the C8 may be in the shop a while…

  2. Say what you want about the jacked up truck and mirrors, but lack of situational awareness caused this accident. I always walk around my vehicle before I get in and drive it. Even if it is in the garage. Takes about 10 seconds.

  3. The last time I was hit it was larger than that…a F-450!
    He was on my right when he decided to turn left.
    He told me he had no idea I was there.
    Thank God it wasn’t the Vette…

  4. I’ll bet the Ford driver is probably one of those guys who cuts into your turn lane when he’s making a left too.

  5. Yes this was the truck drivers fault, but the Corvette driver is obviously lacking in common sense judging the way he’s crooked in his parking space with his wheels turned. Also parked close to the building instead of the far end of the parking area, dumb.

  6. Ouch. Many years ago, 1993, I parked my ’93 Coupe at the absolute end of a parking lot, last space. Returning I noticed a VW Fwd cab pickup parked within less than a foot of my passenger side. The driver had exited by sitting on my hood, sliding a butt along it and slightly scratching it, then sliding between the vehicles to exit. Since the access to the VW engine was at the rear and unlocked, I reached in, removed the coil wire, threw it in some shrubbery and wished the moron good luck.

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