FINALLY! Chevrolet to Begin Automated Customer Order Updates for Corvette Buyers


FINALLY! Chevrolet to Begin Automated Customer Order Updates for Corvette Buyers

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For those of you with a new Corvette on order, we got some exciting news from Chevrolet!

Chevrolet is kicking off a new Customer Notification Program beginning December 6th that is designed to keep customers updated on the status of their orders while hopefully alleviating the “Where is my car” phone calls to the dealer. The notification system is based on changes to the Event Status and customers can be updated via email or text message.

When placing your order with your Chevrolet dealer, the sales rep needs to obtain your email address to begin the automated notifications and customers will begin receiving the automated emails once the Event Status code reaches 3000 (Order Accepted).

For customers with existing orders already in place, your email can be added to the order notifications through an online form that can be provided to you by your dealer, as long as your order hasn’t yet reached 3000 Status. No emails can be added after the order reaches 3000 status.

Corvette Order Notification Updates

Photo Credit: Chevrolet

Customers will receive notifications following a change in these events. The emails at each Event Status Update shows you Corvette’s body style, exterior color, wheels, and interior color, and each update includes these motivational statements”

  • 3000 – Order Accepted – “Your Corvette is at the Starting Line.”
  • 3400 – Order Broadcast/Produced – “Building your dream to order.”
  • 4200A – Sent to Shipper – “Your Mid-Engine masterpiece is making great strides.”
  • 4800 – Arrived at Shipper – “Pure performance is on the horizon.”
  • 4200B/C – Left Shipper for Dealership – “Exhilaration is on the approach.”

Chevrolet doesn’t notify the customer that the car has been received at the dealership as they want the Chevy dealer to deliver that great news personally, and also because most dealers may need a couple of days for PDI before its ready to be delivered to the customer. Also, Chevrolet will email customers at 3000 status who have been there for more than 28 days to let them know “We’re still with you” despite no new updates. Customers can also opt out of notifications at any time as well.

We are hoping this new customer notification system helps Corvette buyers track their orders better without having to call their dealers or the Corvette Concierge, and it will be especially helpful for those customers who never hear anything from the dealer once their order has been placed.


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  1. Ahh, Corporate America where the Customer is King! It seems like a simple process – Domino’s Pizza has doing this for years with their online ordering system, and presumably auto manufacturers have had a similar system to notify their dealers, but…maybe not!

  2. Chazoo, Daniel, Doug, joe each make valid comments. My dealer’s communication was non-existent until a year after receiving my deposit, he called to verify the order specifics. Gm made more hoopla of going all electric, which is a failure at this time, than they even considered doing for committed customers. This program is obviously good, though it comes at a time when, at least at my dealer, additional markups will be the norm. I believe in capitalism, and I guess it’s all just that.


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