[VIDEO] Hagerty Brings Us These Revelations on the C4 Corvette ZR-1


[VIDEO] Hagerty Brings Us These Revelations on the C4 Corvette ZR-1

We know that the C4 Corvette isn’t exactly loved by many these days, but there were so many great things about it, especially in how C4’s ruled the competition which cost so much more!

We also know that many of you may be new to the Corvette brand, and in that case, it’s time for a history lesson on the King of the Hill Corvette – the C4 ZR-1. Hagerty’s Jason Cammisa offers up these revelations about the C4 ZR-1 and he shares many details and stories behind the car that only the die-hards would know about, including its apparent ability to defeat police radar guns back in the day due to this “one weird trick.”

Seriously, this is a video that every Corvette fan should watch, and maybe just maybe our collective appreciation for the C4 Corvette will increase as a result.

Hagerty / YouTube

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  1. Cool video but almost shut it off around 6.50 after Cammisa’s Tarzan impersonation. He really is a little hard to listen to. He’s just too cool for a guy my age.

  2. I watched all of this video to learn more about the C4 ZR-1 but I thought this dude was too annoying. I wasn’t all that amused with him.

  3. Here’s more info about the C4 few people know. It was the first computer aided designed corvette to improve Chassis stiffness.

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