[VIDEO] Police Pull Over NFL’s Nigel Bradham and Find Guns and Weed in His C8 Corvette


[VIDEO] Police Pull Over NFL's Nigel Bradham and Find Guns and Weed in his C8 Corvette

Photo Credit: TMZ

Video obtained by TMZ Sports shows former NFL player Nigel Bradham politely answering questions during a Florida traffic stop in his C8 Corvette earlier this month.

Leon County officers discovered two guns and two bags of what looks like weed during a search. of the Stingray, according to TMZ Sports.

Bradham was eventually taken away in a police car as he was on his way to being charged with two felony marijuana charges and one felony gun charge when one of the guns came back as stolen when checked in the system.

Bradham — who played in the NFL from 2012 to 2020, including a stint with the Philadelphia Eagles after originally being drafted by the Buffalo Bills — entered a not guilty plea to the charges in court last week, records revealed.

Police made the traffic stop on November 13 after the tag on the linebacker’s Corvette came back not matching registration records. Bradham can be heard on the video explaining to an officer that he had just gotten the car.

Bradham also tells the officer that he has a concealed carry permit with him for a gun found in his glove compartment and when asked, claims that it is the only one he has in the Corvette.

The officer later can be heard saying: “He told me there wasn’t another one, and there’s another one. Frickin’ A bud.”


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  1. Nice to know that felons and hoods can get their hands on these cars while the rest of us law abiding folk have to wait indefinately for ours.

  2. Well, at least he cooperated. Last thing this country needs right now is black man resisting arrest and ends up getting shot by police.

  3. Boba Fett he’s an NFL player. They know for sure he can pay cash for his Corvette, instead of monthly payments over the years.

  4. First, with having a concealed carry license, it is not illegal to have 2 guns in your possession. Second, he has a medical marijuana card and since there was no weight mentioned I would tend to believe that the amount he had was legal. Third the cop saying the plate doesn’t match is b.s.. New car paper plate tags always never match. The fact that the cop implies that he lied about the second gun is b.s and done to record the excuse that he had a right to arrest. Mr Bradham is under no obligation to tell the cops anything. As to the gun being stolen I ask ‘As much money as he made, would he knowingly buy a stolen gun?” Since there was no moving violation mentioned, I think this was cop sees black man in expensive car. A good lawyer should get this bs thrown out on its ear.


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