CorvetteBlogger Exclusive: Save 20% from Atomic 6 Carbon on C6-C8 Corvette Aero Systems


CorvetteBlogger Exclusive: Save 20% from Atomic 6 Carbon on C6-C8 Corvette Aero Systems

Photo Credits: Atomic 6 Carbon

As Corvette owners look to make their cars stand apart from the crowd, the arrival of the C8 Corvette has opened the door for many fresh and exciting companies to offer their own parts and accessories for one of the greatest mid-engine sports cars of all time. One company that’s making big waves in the Corvette community in its efforts to help its customers create the Corvettes of their dreams is Atomic 6 Carbon, located in sunny South Florida.

Atomic 6 Carbon manufacturers the popular OEM style versions of the aero packages for the C8 Corvette Stingray as well as their own exclusive designs with everything made right here in the USA! They are also showcasing aero systems for the C6 and C7 Corvette owners as well. Today we are checking out their various aero products and as an early Black Friday savings, CorvetteBlogger readers get an exclusive 20% discount off your purchase from Atomic 6 Carbon using the promo code BFCB20.

CorvetteBlogger Exclusive: Save 20% from Atomic 6 Carbon on C6-C8 Corvette Aero Systems

C8 Corvette Aero Systems

When it comes to offering the factory look without the factory price, Atomic 6 Carbon is the place to be. Their products are all made in the USA at their South Florida headquarters by experienced craftsmen using the best available materials and processes to create strong, lightweight aero components for your C8 Corvette Stingray.

We like their package offerings which include the OEM factory style 5VM/SV7 front splitter and side skirts available in carbon flash metallic (SV7) or upgraded to visible carbon fiber (5VM). Unlike the Chevy versions, you can further customize these by selecting body color and adding the pinstriping option along the edge:

OEM factory style 5VM/SV7

For those looking for something different than the OEM aero package, they offer an exclusive Wingless Aero Package. The front splitter is aggressive yet tight on the corners and the wingless side skirts span the side of the car. As these are wingless rockers, that eliminates the need to drill a hole in the side of the car (although it does need to be riveted along the bottom). Offered in Carbon Flash Metallic painted FRP-Composite or upgrade to visible carbon fiber. Paint and pinstriping are also available.

Wingless Aero Package

Our favorite package includes these V3.06 No-Drill-Side Skirts inspired by the C7 Z06 which offered a hip-hugging shape that many find lacking on the factory offerings. These are direct bolt-ons that utilize the existing bolts on the underside of the car and are further bonded with 3M Extreme double-sided adhesive. This package is combined with the V2.0 Wingless Front Splitter Aero System which can be painted and pinstriped or upgraded to full visible carbon fiber.

V3.06 No-Drill-Side Skirts

Atomic 6 Carbon offers multiple versions of the C8 Corvette front splitters and side skirts individually as well so you can mix and match to get the look you want. A6C also sells custom-painted engine covers and additional pinstriping for the front air vents and rear diffuser.

Just in time for the holidays, give your C8 Corvette an upgrade with Atomic 6 Carbon and save 20% today! CorvetteBlogger readers use the promo code BFCB20 during check-out.

C7/C6 Corvette Aero Systems

C7 Corvette owners shouldn’t feel left out of the customization fun now that you can get Atomic 6 Carbon’s new line of aero systems for the C7 Corvette. Like the C8 versions, you have the ability to customize these aero pieces in various body colors, carbon flash metallic, or visible carbon fiber.

The C7 Corvette Side Skirts and Front Splitter are available in three levels including their innovative Street Style versions which offers an aggressive look while maximizing ground clearance. You can order these pieces as a package or individually.

C7 Corvette with Atomic 6 Carbon Front Splitter and Side Rockers

For C6 owners, A6C offers a C6 Corvette ZR1 style widebody Aero System which includes a perfect-fitting ZR1 style front splitter and a matching pair of custom side skirts. These fit on both the C6 widebody and standard body Corvettes.

CorvetteBlogger readers save 20% on your C6 ZR1 style Widebody Aero kit and the C7 Corvette Aero Systems from Atomic 6 Carbon when you use the promo code BFCB20 during check-out.

Meet Guy Evans

Guy Evans is the new National Sales Director for Atomic 6 Carbon and is responsible for working directly with both new and existing clients (retail and distributor), including Corvette enthusiasts, clubs, and distribution-partner organizations.

Guy Evans

Guy served as the Corvette specialist for a South Florida Chevy dealer for the past several years and has spent his entire adult life in the automotive industry ranging from providing oil changes and tune-ups to service management within the AutoNation Chevrolet dealership group. He describes himself as a true car “guy” at heart.

If you have questions about Atomic 6 Carbon products or want to find out more about becoming a dealer/reseller, you can reach Guy at [email protected].


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