[ACCIDENT] NFL Player Was Driving 156 MPH When He Rear-Ended a Toyota Rav4 in Las Vegas


[ACCIDENT] NFL Player Was Driving 156 MPH When He Rear Ended a Toyota Rav4 in Las Vegas

Screenshot Credit: Hector Mejia / Twitter

Henry Ruggs III, the Las Vegas Raiders Wide Receiver who was involved in an early Tuesday morning crash with a Toyota was reportedly traveling 156 mph in his 2020 Corvette moments before the crash. He is accused of rear-ending a Toyota Rav4 which burst into flames and left one person dead.

More details of the incident were made public Wednesday by Las Vegas prosecutor Eric Bauman as Ruggs attended his first court appearance.

The prosecutor also said the football star had a blood alcohol level of .161 which is more than twice the legal limit. Ruggs was also in possession of a firearm at the time of the accident.

Police released a booking photo of Henry Ruggs III showing him wearing a neck brace:

More charges could be coming against Ruggs, including a second felony DUI charge as Ruggs’ girlfriend Kiara Kilgo-Washington also suffered serious injuries as a passenger in the Corvette.

The name of person who was deceased in the accident is Tina O. Tintor, a 23-year-old resident of Las Vegas. Her dog was also killed in the crash.

Bail for Ruggs was set at $150,000 and he was ordered not to drive or consume alcohol. He is facing a sentence of up to 20 years for the DUI felony charge, and up to six years for reckless driving.

The Las Vegas Raiders announced Tuesday evening that they have released Ruggs from the team.

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  1. 156 mph? That’s insane! It’s amazing how he didn’t die going that rate of speed on surface streets all while striking another vehicle as well.

  2. While hundreds of citizens guilty of wandering around in the US Capitol Building taking selfies at the wrong time have been in jail since January, held without bail and so far have little hope of regaining their freedom. Ruggs is lucky the DOJ doesn’t care about drunk drivers.

  3. I’ve seen this happen before. This kid is 22 a former college star at Alabama and current NFL football star. We will see if his punishment equals the severity of the act. An innocent young women is dead and another young women was injured. My guess is he will still be a young man after his incarceration is over and back in the NFL because the owners won’t care and the American population forgets.

  4. So let’s see, another prima donna athlete is guilty of thinking the rules don’t apply to him and he gets bail? WTF is wrong with the legal system? This [email protected]@#ole totaled a 6 figure car. 150K is nothing to him. Keep his ass in jail. He obviously belongs there. Vehicular homicide used to mean something in this country. I was surprised the Raiders let him ago. Maybe they should also be held accountable to some financial degree for enabling this [email protected]@#ole.

  5. He went from a rich entitled NFL player to (what will end up being) a broke inmate in a very short period of time via alcohol at a speed of 156 MPH. Maybe not an NFL record, but certainly a criminal record. Of course, it is very likely he already had some of those.

  6. Just really bad all the way around. Having a really fast car is a huge responsibility. I’m asked sometimes why don’t you drive your new Vette more often? I don’t want to lose my license. It’s hard to drive the speed limit sober I can’t imagine driving it smashed!

  7. How ‘ bout also charges for the death of the dog . Speeding ticket . Other numerous driving infractions . Hit em’ with everything the law/s that can apply . Every FKN one them . THE Law should be changed to , double the intoxication/twice the legal limit and so forth , with death/s resulting : then its double/twice the sentence , and so forth . Also , if proven , that an establishment or buisness was negligent in laws/rules that ,agn. ( if proven ) were negligent in their responsibility to willingly/knowingly and proven that “said” person consumed a ” proven ” over legal amount of alchohol in said establishment/buisness in ” one ” sitting, to also be charged with crime/s . Its basically a unforseen , unpredictable , loose form of pre=meditated manslaughter…..agn, only if proven that at least , .08 was consumed in a licensed alchohol server. At .161 over the limit should ” easily be recognizable, by trained staff, the % of such a tradgedy goes sky high……that being said, my prayers go out to the family of this young 23 yr. Old girl , and all past n present and unfortunately future lives lost to a irresponsible human being who ” knowingly ” drinks/consumes past their limit/s , and chooses/knows and decides to drive, ( in this day n age, any/every adult ” knows ” when they should n should not drive ) , drives…….the sad part , really !!!….is , that i’d bet a million dollars that at least 1 , ” 1 ” person could’ve/should’ve stepped up/stopped him from getting behind the wheel……so if he drank alone, unnoticed by no one , home , here there…anywhere, maybe all .161 in the car……then its ” ALL ON HIM “, ……AALLLLLLLLLL ON HIM !!!…..old enough n smart enough to play BIG, get paid BIG , then you ” PAAAAYYYYYYYYY BIIIGGGGGGGGG……..what do you think happens if your drunk ( .161 ) with a gun , and you kill someone,( a random 23 yr. Old girl ), do you get released the next fkn day…….exactly, change these fkn laws……✌

  8. Well at least the DOJ doesn’t prosecute the invaders from the south. Heck some of them might buy a C8 with the $450,000 the govmint is giving away to these people

  9. Just think he gets bonded out. The 23year old girl and dog get burned alive. Probably the most horrible way to die, burned alive! Och.

    This drunken idiot fool needs to be locked up for life. Probably not going to happen. In Nevada they will probably blame the Corvette! And turn him loose because he had disadvantaged childhood!

  10. Right you are, Ted. Looks like it took the hit really good except for the unfortunate fire.

  11. Death penalty for him and 20-50 yrs for her as they both were drunk and rich and knew better.

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