[VIDEO] CHP Busts the Window on a C6 Corvette to Arrest Impaired Driver


[VIDEO] CHP Busts the Window on a C6 Corvette to Arrest Impaired Driver

Tonight…on COPS!

Or I should say last night, as that’s when the CHP made contact with the driver of this red C6 Corvette Grand Sport with a very nice sounding cam.

The action went down in Rowland Heights, CA., early Thursday morning of July 1st. California Highway Patrol witnessed the driver getting high as he was stopped at a red light. After approaching the Corvette, the male driver refused to exit the vehicle. Backup was called and the driver was boxed in between two patrol units. That’s when the camera starts rolling.

The officers are seen trying to talk the driver into unlocking the doors, and when that fails the passenger side window is busted out. Once the car is unlocked, the driver is pulled from the car. After failing a roadside sobriety test, he was arrested.

LLN / YouTube

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  1. Way to many morons in the world. I remember awhile back last year I think, Washington State Police clocked a guy at 192 mph at 8:30 in the AM on a Sunday and he was drunk. In a ZO6.

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