[VIDEO] EVO Reviews the C8 Corvette Convertible – Get Ready to Like Amplify Orange!


[VIDEO] EVO Reviews the C8 Corvette Convertible - Get Ready to Like Amplify Orange!

The UK’s preeminent motoring magazine, EVO, got their hands on an Amplify Orange Tintcoat Corvette Stingray Convertible this past week. It comes as no surprise at this point in its lifecycle, but the mid-engine Corvette is still good enough to bring a smile to the face of a cynical British car critic in a gloomy German forest.

On our site, the biggest news from EVO’s excellent review comes in the form of the first professional photos of the brightest new C8 color. Amplify Orange has been the butt of considerable ridicule around these parts since it was announced as a replacement for the popular Sebring Orange hue. Our comment section has called the new orange “washed out,” “a major downgrade,” “pumpkin,” and “creamsicle” (which was, somehow, used in a negative way). As the resident proponent of orange exterior paints, I have to admit that even I have been disappointed in what I’ve seen from “Amplify” thus far. Our first look showed some promise, but it was staged inside, behind a velvet rope, and in underwhelming light. I needed more in order to give AOT my stamp of approval, and when it was finally shown in the sun last month. To the pictures of the new orange, commenter Jon Bon Jovi hit the nail on the head when he said that the base wheels “aren’t doing [the] color any favors.” Just like the recent Z06 sneak peek, Tadge and Friends made the mistake of exhibiting one of their hotly-anticipated creations in a less-than-ideal spec, souring public perception, especially amongst their most ardent fans. But now, EVO is here to change hearts and minds with a stunning, 16-picture photo gallery that makes the C8 look as good as it ever has…get your desktop ready for a new wallpaper!

Once you finish reading, starting, making hard choices about which picture to elevate to background status, and surfing the ‘web for one of those sweet euro-style Chevrolet Performance license plate frames, be sure to watch Steve Sutcliffe’s excellent video review! He drives the tangerine beauty around some excellent German roads, sharing his mostly enthusiastic thoughts about America’s Sports Car, before blasting past 180 MPH on a public Autobahn! It is certainly worth a click and a ten-minute investment! We really need an unlimited speed limit here in the Land of the Free!


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  1. Not crazy about the Amplify Orange, I do like to see that sparkle of the flake in the sunshine. Same with the Rapid Blue, just MY person preference. I seriously doubt I will ever see 180 mph in 6th gear so this was a really nice ride! 👍 I do enjoy the way the people across the Pond are receiving the New Mid Engine C-8 Corvette, I know I enjoy every chance I get behind the wheel of mine. Just my 2 cents

  2. Agree with Gary, It was still pulling in 6th, but going to 7th with the RPMs dropping to 4500, the run was over. As for the “new orange”, it looks kinda washed out. The best orange is the Atomic Orange Metallic Tintcoat on my ’07 Z06, it’s beautiful.

  3. To each their own. Sebring Orange was a deep and complex color. Amplify Orange seems like a step backwards.

  4. Atomic Orange is one of my favorite Vette colors. Daytona Sunrise is outstanding too. Looks great in any light.

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