[VIDEO] Right-Hand Drive Corvette Unveiled in the U.K. at the Goodwood Festival of Speed


[VIDEO] Right-Hand Drive Corvette Unveiled in the U.K. at the Goodwood Festival of Speed

Photo Credit: ChevroletEurope.com

The 2022 Corvettes will arrive in Europe this October

European Corvette customers are now getting their first look at the new C8 Corvette as Chevrolet is offering both traditional and Right-Hand Versions of the popular American sports car for the European market. The first-ever Right-Hand Drive version was unveiled last week at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in England with Chevrolet ambassador Oliver Gavin on hand to help with the reveal as the video below shows.

Corvette buyers in Europe have an exciting number of choices with 16 different launch versions offered during this rollout period which is in effect until around the end of the year. These Launch Editions are offered exclusively in 3LT trim and also come with Magnetic Ride Control while the Front End Lift will be an available option. The Coupes come with the Competition seats while the Convertibles offer the GT2 seats. The new Corvettes are expected to arrive in European showrooms in October.

A total of 16 exterior and interior color combinations are available on the Launch Editions:

Corvette Coupe

  • Arctic White/Jet Black
  • Black/Jet Black
  • Torch Red/Adrenaline Red
  • Shadow Grey Metallic/Natural
  • Rapid Blue/Jet Black
  • Elkhart Lake Blue Metallic/Adrenaline Red
  • Accelerate Yellow Metallic/Jet Black
  • Ceramic Matrix Gray Metallic/Jet Black

Corvette Convertible

  • Torch Red/Jet Black
  • Arctic White/Sky Cool Gray (two-tone)
  • Flare Silver Metallic/Adrenaline Red (two-tone)
  • Zeus Bronze Metallic/Natural (two-tone)
  • Rapid Blue/Sky Cool Gray
  • Elkhart Lake Blue Metallic/Natural
  • Tactical Red Tintcoat/Sky Cool Gray (two-tone)
  • Sebring Orange Tintcoat/Jet Black

Pricing for the UK Launch Editions begins at £81,700 ($113,210 USD) for the Arctic White Coupe and £87,110 ($120,710 USD) for the Torch Red Convertible. The other 14 combinations will add £1,750 ($2,425.50 USD) which includes matching brake calipers, seatbelts, and stitching. The Front Lift Option adds an additional £1,580 ($2,189.90 USD).

All the European-Spec versions of the C8 Corvette come equipped with the Z51 Performance Package and the 2LT as the standard package and Corvette buyers will be able to order these models for delivery early in 2022.

As we shared previously, the European-Spec models require a gasoline particulate filter and so the 6.2L LT2 small-block delivers 475 PS/354 kW @ 6,450 and 613 Nm/452 lb-ft @ 4,500 of peak torque.

For more C8 Corvette info in the U.K., visit chevrolet.co.uk/en/next-generation-corvette.


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  1. how is a car just introduced in Europe get delivery before the US allocations are complete? I don’t understand the process that GM is using. I am still in line for a year and don’t know when the car will be ordered

  2. WTF?? Why?? Right hand drive in a Vette?? That’s just wrong. Those limy a-holes don’t deserve any C8’s, especially with that jack ass J. Clarkson always talking shit about American cars. You would think they would satisfy their HOME market first, what the hell GM?? Come on GM get it together for christ sake.

  3. Hey, Kevin, don’t hold back there, buddy — tell us how you really feel!
    It’s a b-i-i-i-i-g multi-layered company, fellas! The marketing / sales / distribution capabilities might get there before the product is available; just a fact of life. That’s the price of having such a cool car at such a price, and somewhat relatively available (okay, yes, relatively: in spite of pandemic challenges, which are also global, still relatively available compared to what’s offered by Ford, Toyota, ANYbody, really, as a legit sports car).
    And I know you haven’t found a new 2-seater Porsche, or even a Miata for sale lately either. Bummer.

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