[VIDEO] GM Makes a Change to 2022 Corvettes that are Ordered with Z51 and the High Wing


[VIDEO] GM Makes a Change to 2022 Corvettes that are Ordered with Z51 and the High Wing

Here is something we just learned about today thanks to our friend Rick ‘Corvette’ Conti. According to a new video posted on his YouTube Channel, Rick tells us that GM has made a change with how they are equipping the 2022 Z51 Corvette Stingrays when you include the High Wing as part of your order.

In the first two years of C8 production, when you ordered the High Wing as part of your Z51 Corvette order, your Corvette was shipped from the factory to the dealership wearing the Z51 spoiler, while the High Wing spoiler was shipped directly to the dealer to be installed on your car during the pre-delivery inspection (PDI).

Conti tells us that if you order the 2022 Corvette with Z51 and the High Wing, the cars are now being shipped without Z51 spoiler, but with pre-drilled holes in the rear fascia for the High Wing’s installation.

He shows us an Accelerate Yellow Z51 Coupe that is undergoing PDI at his dealership and you can see that it has small blue stickers that are covering the mounting holes for the High Wing Spoiler.

While some may be okay with this, we are sure others were wanting to have both spoilers because you do pay extra for the High Wing. Many sell their extra spoilers to those without the Z51 package and it was always an easy way to make a few hundred dollars.

Not having to remove the Z51 spoiler in advance of installing the High Wing will certainly speed things up for the service guys doing the PDI installs, but as Rick asks, “Are you getting gypped just a little bit” by not getting the Z51 spoiler that was previously included.

This change also comes on the heels of GM raising the price of the Z51 Performance Package from $5,995 to $6,345 for the 2022 model year while the cost of the High Wing was increased from $995 to its current $1,250.

I’m including Rick’s video below and the segment on the Z51 spoiler “delete” comes at 9:10 in the video. But prior to that, he is talking with his service guy Chuck who is busy installing the C8 Corvette Rock Guards that the owner purchased from our friends at ACS Composite:

Rick ‘Corvette’ Conti

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  1. Thanks to this video I now know not to waste $99 on those red jacking pucks I was thinking about ordering for my C7. I would never feel comfortable having my car put on a lift with those on it.

  2. my answer is when someone orders Z51, delete the spoiler.
    Then, order a High wing somewhere else.

  3. I’m curious if this is for the upcoming Z06. The Z07 package only needs two mounting holes while the base will probably need four. Removing the base Z06 spoiler and installing the high wing during PDI would leave two extra mounting holes…


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