[PIC] 2023 Corvette Z06/Z07 Side View Rendering


[PIC] 2023 Corvette Z06/Z07 Side View Rendering

Our friend Peter Chilelli has been a roll over the last week as he has been offering up different renderings of the C8 Corvette Z06 based on the teaser photo recently released. This morning the digital artist posted a new photo to the MidEngineCorvetteForum.com and all we can say is wow!

Peter previous work shows the new Z06 in Hypersonic Gray and Amplify Orange, but today’s photo shows the car wearing the best selling exterior on the C8 Corvette – Torch Red!

The rendering shows the car also equipped with the Z07 Performance Package which has the curvy high wind and the front canards that serve as dive planes. When you look at the side-view, you can almost imagine the air being lifted upward by the front dive planes before getting sucked into side air intake vents. When the car is revealed, that’s a question we plan on asking Corvette exterior designer Kirk Bennion.

Peter also choose to show this Corvette with black seven-spoke tuning-fork wheels which we prefer over the traditional five-spoke wheels. Large carbon-ceramic brake rotors and red brake calipers help to complete the look.

Click here to see a full size version of this C8 Corvette Z06 rendering.

peter-chilelli.pixels.com via MidEngineCorvetteForum.com

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  1. I was disappointed that there weren’t any air vent openings behind the front wheel wheels from what we could see of the picture Chevrolet released and this rendering doesn’t show any either but one of the spy photo’s I have seen clearly shows that there will be 3 vents on the backside of the protruding side body panel. I don’t think these openings will be highlighted by moldings but just molded in vents to the side panel. I agree the engine intake openings will look better in body color!!!

  2. I like the wishbone. It seems to go with the flow of the design for me. A lot better than the Stingray.

  3. The wish bone is great looking and a easy identifier as a difference between the Stingray and the Z06. I will just be happy to get mine before I am too old to enjoy it.

  4. That wishbone is horrible!! Whatever happened to letting the car speak for its self. clean lines are ruined due to it!!
    Like the guy above, I will buy mine with body color but it still detracts from the beauty that was missed.

  5. I will not be purchasing one due to the fact that my pay grade is not up to the task, however if I did I would pay to have all of the UGLY BLACK accents painted Body Color. We need to realize that the designer’s are made up of RICE BURNERS WHO THINK THAT UGLY BLACK ACCENTS AND HUGE WINGS ARE THE THING that everyone wants. I have owned 11 Corvettes over the years just hate the Black accents on my 2016 C7. Saving the money to have them painted the same color as the car.

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