Chevrolet’s Second Annual Virtual Heritage Week Fan Experience Runs Now through August 21st


Chevrolet's Second Annual Virtual Heritage Week Fan Experience Runs Now through August 21st

Photo Credit: Chevrolet

Born in 2020 out of a desire to help automotive enthusiasts connect during lock-downs and a national shortage of car shows, Cruisin’ the USA In Your Chevrolet is back for a second virtual go-around today through Saturday, August 21st for all interested parties. Partnering with famed C8-owner/influencer, Emelia Hartford, Chevrolet says that this year’s virtual fan experience will focus on “the brilliant minds behind some of Chevy’s most prized models and the fans who have loved and supported the brand over the years,” which last we checked, is a description that fits our readership to a T!

Follow along all week on Chevrolet’s social media channels – @Chevrolet on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok – to celebrate your favorite automotive brand, the engineers and designers who have had a hand in capturing your imagination throughout the years, and get involved, by using the hashtag #ChevyLove for a chance to be featured on an official Chevrolet page!

Each day has a particular theme and the festivities kick off today with Ms. Hartford challenging fans in a round of “History of Heroes” trivia. Tuesday is all about EVs and will feature a sneak-peak of Chevy’s E-10 concept. Things get interesting on Wednesday when Chevrolet trucks take center stage for another bout of interactive trivia. Thursday Chevy will be saluting fans of the brand and featuring Pinky “Mr. Chevy” Randall. The day we have circled our collective calendar is, undoubtedly the 20th, when Al Oppenheiser, one of the best performance engineers in the industry, will be showing off his “Chevy Cave” in an event called The Thrills of Performance. Everything wraps up on Saturday when all of the best #ChevyLove posts go live, showcasing lifelong fans and their prized Chevrolets.

We hope to see a strong showing from the Corvette contingent all week, be sure to check it out if you have time and a stable internet connection!

Schedule of Events

  • Aug 16th – History of Heroes Trivia: Emelia Hartford challenges fans on Chevy’s history of heroes, including some of the engineers and designers behind the major innovations that helped shape the brand.
  • Aug 17th – An EVolution: Ride along with Emelia Hartford in the new, all-electric 2022 Bolt EUV and catch a glimpse of Chevy’s E-10 concept vehicle.
  • Aug 18th – For the Love of Trucks: Join Emelia Hartford for another trivia challenge covering all things Chevy trucks.
  • Aug 19th – A Salute to our Fans: Discover how lifelong fan Pinky Randall earned the right to be called “Mr. Chevy.”
  • Aug 20th – The Thrills of Performance: Tour former Camaro Chief Engineer Al Oppenheiser’s jaw-dropping Chevy Cave with Emelia Hartford.
  • Aug 21st – Spread the #ChevyLove: Experience Chevy with those who love the brand most alongside their most prized possessions.


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