Yes, Virginia, You Can Order a Low Profile Spoiler in Carbon Flash


Yes, Virginia, You Can Order a Low Profile Spoiler in Carbon Flash

Photo Credit: Chevrolet

When it comes to the rear deck of the C8 Corvette, customers have four different choices for addressing the air flow over the rear of the car. Non-Z51 customers can go without a spoiler, or add the optional High Wing, while Z51 customers can choose between the standard Z51 Wing Spoiler or the optional High Wing.

New for the 2022 model year, buyers of either the base car or the Z51 can now add a new option – the Low Profile Spoiler (TVS).

So far, we’ve only seen two pics of the Low Profile Spoiler and both were shown in standard body color. When the new spoiler was first announced during the NCM Bash in April, we wondered if it would also be available in Carbon Flash and the answer is yes according to Corvette Product Manager Harlan Charles.

Our friends at the reached out to Harlan to find out if that was possible and they were told that if you order ZYC to have your side mirrors painted in Carbon Flash, your TVS Low Profile Spoiler will also come in Carbon Flash, the same as if you order the ZYC Option on a Z51 car, you get the Z51 spoiler in Carbon Flash.

2022 Corvette with Low Profile Spoiler

The ZYC carbon flash option for the mirrors is just $100 while the TVS Low Profile Spoiler is $595. Those that order the Low Profile Spoiler on a non-Z51 Corvette also receive the standard front Z51 splitter.


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  1. To me that begs the question: If you put the low profile spoiler on the z51does it reduce the down force enough to raise the to speed of the z51 to somewhere between its current top of 184 and the non-z51 top of 194? I would assume so. What would you estimate that to be?

  2. I hope they allow me the option to delete the Z51 spoiler so I can add a two post Zr1 style on it.

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