[VIDEO] Police Use Spike Strips and Pit Maneuver to Stop Driver in Speeding C7 Corvette


[VIDEO] Police Use Spike Strips and Pit Maneuver to Stop Driver in Speeding C7 Corvette

A police chase of an Arctic White C7 Corvette Stingray that started around 1:30 am at a North Houston hotel went on for 25 minutes and much of it was caught on traffic cameras. Authorities were able to end the hot pursuit after spike strips were deployed and officers used a pit maneuver to stop the car and bring the chase to a conclusion.

Reports say that police responded to a criminal mischief call at a hotel in the Bush Airport area. Upon arriving, they spied a Corvette leaving the hotel and driving recklessly and after attempting to conduct a traffic stop, police officers say the driver took off.

The news report says the Corvette was traveling so fast that only the DPS Chopper was able to keep up with it. Video shows the Corvette traveling at a high rate of speed with its headlights off. At one point, the speeding Corvette nearly overtakes a police car driving in ahead on the highway with its lights flashing.

The driver of the Corvette was apprehended about 25 minutes after the chase began as officers used spike strips and executed the pit maneuver on North Beltway 8 near Vantage Parkway to bring the Corvette to a stop.

After finding a shotgun in the car, the driver admitted to being “on the run” from Humble, Texas police.

“Humble police think they saw the same vehicle up and down their roads,” said HPD Lt. Mark Contreras in a report on ABC13.com. “The suspect, during his arrest, stated that he was running from those officers in Humble. When he stopped at hotel, he was breaking into a vehicle to get away from those officers. That’s something he blurted out when we pulled him out of the car.”


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  1. Another idiot. My 2nd daughter and 3rd grandson are living in Houston right now. I am a huge supporter of the US residents who are in uniform and who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

  2. I’m embarrassed everytime some fool in a Corvette acts stupidly. Add one more to that side of the ledger.

  3. On occasion, you might be able to out run a police cruiser (unless maybe its “hellcat” powered), but it’s darn near impossible to out run or hide from that Bell helicopter with the big spot light.

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