A ‘Tall’ Guy Smashed Up a C4 Corvette in the Middle of the Night


A 'Tall' Guy Smashed Up a C4 Corvette in the Middle of the Night

Screenshot Credit: ValleyNewsLive.com

Be on the lookout for a “tall male” in Fargo, North Dakota.

He’s suspected of kicking in a C4 Corvette’s back window and smashing the side mirrors in the early morning hours of Sunday, June 27.

The vandalism was barely captured by a video camera at the home located in the 700 block of 17th Street South in Fargo, and unfortunately, the sister of the Corvette’s owner says such antics are becoming business as usual there.

“Unfortunately, this is turning into typical behavior within our neighborhood,” Sharon Akin told valleynewslive.com.

She says there have been several car break-ins in the neighborhood, adding: “Both of my neighbors have had vehicle windows broken out, things stolen. We’ve found used needles, alcohol containers and bottles.”

Despite the increase in crime, perhaps related to an apartment complex nearby and increased foot traffic in the area, Akin – who lives down the street from her brother – says she’s not planning to move.

“We all have cameras up, security systems, we keep our houses locked, our cars locked, our garages locked. This is just what we deal with,” she said. In fact, her brother has installed even more security cameras after the vandalism.

They are hoping some of their neighbors may be able to identify the suspect after watching the security footage. “Anything suspicious, anybody running through the neighborhood, walking around in their yard, call Fargo Police,” Akin said. “All we can tell is that he’s tall and that he’s a male.”


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  1. Crime, all types, is on the increase all over the nation due the “progressive” left’s clamoring for eliminating or reducing Law Enforcement.  Couple that with the increasing jealousy of the “haves” by the “have nots”, and again, fomented by the “progressive” left, and we see more and more of these events.  In my opinion, we’ll not see a reduction anytime soon.  D__ned shame sez me. As goes the ole saw; “Keep your powder dry.”

    Montana Bob 

  2. Come on man. It’s the new norm. Build back better. You will own nothing but will be happy.

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