The Corvette Assembly Plant Has Reopened Today After Two-Week Shutdown


The Corvette Assembly Plant Has Reopened Today After Two-Week Shutdown

Photo Credit: Chevrolet

Just a quick post here to confirm that the Corvette Assembly Plant in Bowling Green, Kentucky is back to work this Monday morning after a two-week shutdown due to an undisclosed parts shortage. We reached out to Rachel Bagshaw at BGAP who confirmed this morning that regular production has resumed.

Last week, General Motor canceled the final allocation cycle for the 2021 model year, and that should help alleviate some of the pressure from the plant. GM has said they will complete all those orders who are at 3000 event status or higher.

As we reported last week, just three vehicles were completed during the last two weeks and that puts the VIN sequence count at 14561 for the 2021 model year.

We are hoping that the two-week shutdown allowed the supply chain to replenish and hopefully that will be enough of a cushion to allow the assembly plant the opportunity to complete the 2021 model year without further interruption. There are 13 weeks to go before the model year changeover is expected around Labor Day, which this year falls on Monday, September 6th. At an average of 180 cars per day, that means the plant could be working to complete some 11,000+ new Corvettes before the end of the model year.

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  1. “Alleviate some of the pressure from the plant”????? It’s an automobile manufacturing plant. And cancelling 2021 orders so they can produce the same vehicle but model year 2022, alleviates pressure? Perhaps it’s just all about cancelling 2021 models for more profitable 2022 models. Way to build brand loyalty GM BOD!

  2. Bowling Green shut down for 2 weeks and never updated Concierge about ANYTHING during the whole time. Not 1 word about what orders were produced or status changes,
    . To me that says the workers do not care about Corvette customers along with the management.
    And on top of all this the FREAKING rose 5% which is all that matters to Barra.

  3. The same people who complain about conspiracy theories for why the plant is closed for parts shortages are the same ones who will get on complaining about poor quality control or a manufacturing recall that apparently only happens to GM and no other manufacturer. I guess just gotta mass produce this amazing car perfectly without any problems, even after the world shut down from a pandemic.
    Well coming from experience I can tell you once you get yours, I highly doubt brand loyalty will be an issue at all and the current demand seems to agree. Be patient and good luck.

  4. Placed my order with local dealer in March 2020 = was 1st on the 2021 list at the dealer and confirmed for July on 2021 order. Was told this past week that my order will not be going forward. Just curious if I will get back on track for a 2022 and if so when + price increase any insight?

  5. I just heard that there will be a shortage of compressed air leading to a shutdown

  6. Bet the people who had to have the engine replaced would argue with you about diminished loyalty.

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