[VIDEO] C6 Corvette Sleeper Takes on Hellcat, ZR1 at the Drag Strip


[VIDEO] C6 Corvette Sleeper Takes on Hellcat, ZR1 at the Drag Strip

Watch this video to see some very competitive and exciting street car drag racing dominated by a C6 Corvette that certainly lives up to the name on its Tennessee license plate: VR SLEPR.

Powered by an ECS1500 Supercharger, this black Corvette (which has C7 headlights grafted onto the front end) takes on a wide range of challengers during a pair of Street Car Takeover events, the first in Bristol, Tennessee on May 1 and the next in Atlanta, Georgia on May 8.

The biggest giveaway to what lurks under the Corvette’s hood, other than the whine of its supercharger, is the Hoosier slicks on the rear, but its competition certainly didn’t take long to find out about the hidden power of this sixth-generation Corvette.

Exact horsepower numbers aren’t revealed in this YouTube video provided by Drag Racing and Car Stuff, but we do find out it’s obviously enough to make this Corvette capable of dipping below 10 seconds, with a best time of 9.962 as it barely falls to a Tor Red Dodge Charger Hellcat’s time of 9.958, just .004 off the pace, in a standard format race. The Charger, by the way, features a 6.2-liter HEMI and 8-speed transmission massaged by North Carolina’s Sipple Speed and Performance.

These two powerhouses also competed in index class format, with the winner being the driver that gets closest without going over a posted value, in this case 10.00 seconds. If both cars finish under, the car closest to 10.00 is the winner so despite having a slower time, the C6 won this format because of its 9.992 time to the Hellcat’s 9.821.

You’ll also get to see the C6 whip a white Mustang (10.092 to 10.143), a silver C6 (9.982 to 10.175), a blue pickup in index format (10.163 to 10.541), and a black C7 in index format (10.072 to 10.301). In another index class format with a black 2019 ZR1, the C6 also won because it didn’t go under at 10.039 seconds while the ZR1 barely went under at 9.993.

Drag Racing and Car Stuff via AutoEvolution.com

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