[STOLEN] 2014 Corvette Still Missing Months After Ohio Dealership Heist


[STOLEN] 2014 Corvette Still Missing Months After Ohio Dealership Heist

Photo Credit: abc6onyourside.com

This Torch Red 2014 Corvette remains missing after being stolen months ago from a Delaware County, Ohio dealership, and the owners have reached out to a TV station looking for answers.

Police believe young teens may be responsible for a rash of stolen cars, including this Stingray coupe that belongs to Wynnedolyn Desmond’s fiancé.

“It’s a 2014 C7 red Corvette,” she told ABC 6/FOX 28 News. “I mean, you can’t miss it. We’re literally at a point where we had to reach out to you guys because we can’t get answers.”

Desmond says her fiancé found his “dream car” on a lot in Maryland, and even the $1,000 monthly payments for the car and insurance were worth it when they took the car on weekend joy rides.

“That was our get away from the kids,” she said. “We have teenagers.”

[STOLEN] 2014 Corvette Still Missing Months After Ohio Dealership Heist

Unfortunately, someone else is enjoying those joy rides now, that is, if the car is still in one piece and hasn’t already been stripped for parts.

The couple took the car to Chesrown Chevrolet for repairs last November, then received a call from Delaware police that their Corvette was one of three vehicles stolen from the dealership.

“It’s vanished. It’s gone. Where did it go?” Desmond asked.

Police quickly recovered two of the vehicles, both Tahoes, including one that crashed into a tree behind a strip mall after being involved in a chase when the thief ran a stop sign leaving the dealership. They found the other SUV the next day in a Columbus neighborhood.

No arrests have been made, however, and police say teens may be responsible for the thefts that could be part of a string of such incidents at dealerships in Columbus, Maryville, and London.

[STOLEN] 2014 Corvette Still Missing Months After Ohio Dealership Heist

“These juveniles are hitting all these dealerships,” Desmond said. “What’s going to happen to them? A slap on the wrist?”

The owners of the cars, she says, are the ones “stuck with the burden of everything.”


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  1. Looks to me like the dealership much share some culpability since the vehicles were in their possession when stolen. It’s unforgivable if the cops have captured one of the thieves and can’t get him/her to roll over on the others. The story as provided just doesn’t pass the smell test.

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