[ACCIDENT] How Did This C7 Corvette End Up In a Tree?


[ACCIDENT] How Did This C7 Corvette End Up In a Tree?

We’ve covered a ton of Corvette accidents over the years and sometimes you look at these aftermath photos and wonder just what the heck happened to have the car end up the way it did.

Take for example this unlucky new owner who we are told just picked up the C7 Corvette hours before he parked it sideways on a tree.

We caught these crash photos from a member of the Corvette Forum whose house was just minutes away from where the accident occurred. We’ll let TeddyCa tell us what exactly he saw when he rode upon the scene.

[ACCIDENT] How Did This C7 Corvette End Up In a Tree?

Yesterday afternoon my son calls me and says “Damn dad did you hear that? Some dude just climbed a tree with his C7”. I heard something but we live in the country and a roundabout is behind us which means people need to know how to drive and run into one another every week so I ignore the sounds lol. Well none the less after he said C7 I jumped on my bike and go down the road, we have orchards across the street and this poor dude attempted to pass someone in his hour old C7.

I am ASSUMING and its really not fair but pretty sure he left the light, it opened up a little he hammered it to pass someone and washed out. Buddy said it was supercharged. I seen Corsa exhaust, Z06 tail lights, “I think” Z06 wheels, comp seats, A8, etc. so from what I can see there was money in the car. Look at the driver seat. That SOB is lucky to be alive. That damn tree branch which was about 6″ diameter punched through the car between him and the steering wheel. He was pretty banged up and walking pretty damn ginger. I told the tow truck driver to drop it off at my house in the shop around back for a couple hours. HAHA Be careful out there!

[ACCIDENT] How Did This C7 Corvette End Up In a Tree?

Right away I was thinking the crash was caused by “excessive speed” as that’s the usual underlying factor in the majority of Corvette accidents. Check out the driver’s side front wheel how it was cracked in half. Then you see that tree branch that punched a hole in the driver’s side door and you realize just how lucky the driver was to come away from this crash still in one piece.

[ACCIDENT] How Did This C7 Corvette End Up In a Tree?

So it looks like this is yet another accident we can chalk up to driver error as the C7 Corvette had more power than he had skills in controlling it. Be safe out there peeps and remember to always show a high horsepower sports car the respect (and fear) it deserves.

Teddyca / CorvetteForum.com

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  1. It may have Z06 taillights, but there’s no scoop over the top inlet just behind the door or the added (ugly) rubber strip around the front wheel wells to allow coverage of the wider tires on a Z06 or Grand Sport. Just sayin’…

  2. There really should be a requirement for a higher class of driver’s licence before you can buy/drive a Corvette or other high performance vehicle. Far too many Corvettes are needlessly lost to this world because their owners/drivers don’t know how to handle that much horsepower. Oh well, I guess it helps to increase the supply of used Corvette parts, as well as the rarity of the Corvettes that the rest of us own!

  3. Any high performance car deserves respect, however only fear that which you don’t understand. If you fear it you shouldn’t be driving it!

  4. Starting with the C5, no such thing as a slow Corvette, including base models; Spring Mountain should be a REQUIREMENT to buy one.

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