[VIDEO] AEROLARRI Now Offering a Center Exhaust Kit for the C8 Corvette


[VIDEO]  Aerolarri Now Offering a Center Exhaust Kit for the C8 Corvette

Photo Credits: AEROLARRI

Ya can’t please everyone, so ya got to please yourself.

Rick Nelson sang those words in his hit “Garden Party” way back when, but they still aptly apply today to the owners of the new mid-engine Corvette.

Chevy upset a few folks when they introduced the 2020 Corvette Stingray by moving – OMG! – the traditional exhaust with quad exhaust tips from the center to – aghast! – two tips on each side. Engineers said there wasn’t enough room to do it the same way it had been done since the C5 debuted in 1997.

But never say never, and if ya can’t please everyone, then there is always an aftermarket company willing to step in and try.

Witness AEROLARRI, which provides a variety of aero treatments and exhaust systems for the C8. For those exhaust traditionalists, the company has just introduced a center-exit exhaust for the mid-engine Stingray, manufactured in Idaho out of stainless steel.

AEROLARRI describes the new system as “probably the most free-flowing exhaust on the market” since there are few bends and the gases shoot almost straight out the back.

Your neighbors might be a little upset, though, as it provides “a thunderous sound unlike any other,” according to AEROLARRI, along with more power.

Installation does require cutting the area of the rear diffuser about 1.5 inches, but if you’re okay with slightly chopping up the rear end of your new C8, the system is said to be 100 percent street legal and won’t void your GM factory warranty. The use of valve simulators also avoids the dreaded check engine lights.

The monoblock exhaust is made from one solid piece of U.S.-made stainless steel with no connecting tubes for installation other than to the headers and catalytic converters, making for what the company says is an incredibly easy installation. The mandrel-bent pipe has a 3-inch diameter before exiting through 4-inch quad custom tips available in four styles.


AEROLARRI says its skilled gas tungsten arc welding experts are able to produce vibrant weld colors and notes that everything is 100 percent Argonne back purged for the perfect weld straight through to the unseen side.

Admittedly, the company says the new center-exit exhaust was “more tricky” to engineer than a standard one. “The exhaust must be suspended between the stock exhaust hanger mounts while taking the abuse from daily driving,” they point out. “The original prototype used a single 1/2-inch steel rod to span the hanger mounts. It proved to work perfectly well. However, when adapting the exhaust for consumer use, over-engineering for safety and durability is paramount. As such the hanger bridge was added.”

This hanger bridge – hidden behind the rear diffuser and the existing black honeycomb grille, visible only from certain angles – is waterjet cut from 1/8-inch stainless steel, and its grille-like openings allow air to pass through and act as a giant heat sink, according to the company.


The new system will set you back with a base price of $2,988, with standard Blue Oxide tips and all the hardware needed for installation. For another $499, you can get tips that are Polished with Gloss Carbon Fiber, Black Chrome with Gloss Carbon Fiber, Blue Oxide with Gloss Carbon Fiber, or Satin Steel with Dry Carbon Fiber. The top-of-the-line full carbon-fiber tips add $999. Another $480 option is a set of race mufflers that reduce volume by 20 percent and are described as “very loud.”

That might not please everyone, but after all, ya got to please yourself.


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  1. Looks like an afterthought! The fit isn’t very good on that exhaust. Just get an aftermarket exhaust that has black exhaust tips. Then you will barely notice them anymore! That’s what I did with my C8 and it blends right in. A center mounted exhaust looks odd on the C8!

  2. Why did exhaust system prices almost double for the C8? Even this system with two pipes (4 tips) and a piece that connects them starts at 3k.

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