STUDY: Chevrolet’s Corvette was the Fastest-Selling Car in January


STUDY: Chevrolet's Corvette was the Fastest-Selling Car in January

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We know the new C8 Corvette is fast. The mid-engine’s LT2 V8 and lightning-fast dual-clutch transmission can propel the non-Z51 model to a top speed of 194 MPH.

And now we are learning that the Chevrolet Corvette is also the fastest-selling car in America, meaning that it spends the least amount of time in the dealer’s showroom than another car in the USA!

That news comes from a study published by

According to a chart provided by the Corvette was the fastest-selling car in America during January 2021 with the mid-engine sports taking an average of 10 days to sell once it arrived at the dealer. Even more impressive is that the average selling price for the C8 Corvette was $86,689! The Corvette is the only General Motors vehicle to make the top 20 list:

STUDY: Chevrolet's Corvette was the Fastest-Selling Car in January

Historically, January sales are generally one of the slower months of the year for America’s Favorite Sportscar in terms of sales, but due to the sold-out nature of the car, dealers are delivering sold orders almost immediately to customers as soon as they arrive. And if a dealership should be lucky to score an un-allocated C8, we know they get snapped up almost immediately…market adjustments be damned!

To generate the study, analyzed over 1.2 million new and used cars sold in January 2021 and found that the average new car takes 46.2 days to sell while the average used car takes 38.9 days to sell.

“The new mid-engined Corvette debuted for the 2020 model year and its supply was disrupted by a union strike in 2019 and the pandemic, which led to supply shortages and unfulfilled orders,” said iSeeCars Executive Analyst Karl Brauer. “Production for the 2021 Corvette began in late December with the first orders reserved for those who didn’t receive their 2020 models, and dealer allocations can’t keep up with demand, resulting in long waiting lists for the vehicle.”

Sales of pre-owned Corvettes are also happening quickly with the car ranking 3rd on the Top 20 Fastest-Selling Used Vehicles in January 2021. The model took on average 26.6 days to sell and the average selling price was $67,308.

STUDY: Chevrolet's Corvette was the Fastest-Selling Car in January

“While the Mazda MX-5 Miata is one of the more affordable sports cars in the segment with an average used car price of $21,408, the Chevrolet Corvette and the Porsche 911 are more expensive with average prices of $67,308 and $126,892 respectively,” said Brauer. “These are aspirational cars for many, and consumers are purchasing these vehicles as a source of joy in the midst of the pandemic, further adding to the demand of these already popular used vehicles.”


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  1. Hey Keith — did you intend that second chart to be the chart for used cars, rather than a repeat of the previous chart for new cars?

  2. Can you imagine how fast they would sell if the idiots at GM tooled up to build what the whole world knew was going to be the hottest car of the decade. If people thought they had a chance of getting a Vette they would be at the showroom

  3. My entire life all I’ve wanted was a ‘57 and whatever the latest model was but…at 5’1” and petite, would I even be able to reach the pedals and see over the dash??

  4. One of only two American cars in the top twenty. GM had better figure it out quickly if any of it will survive to be the only American sports car manufacturer to be found.

  5. Sherri. I am sure with a smaller diameter steering wheel and seat modifications your dream can come true

  6. As the vast majority of the cars are sold before arriving at a dealership how is this relevant? Are these C8’s uncommitted cars?

  7. The number would of been even lower if some dealer’s weren’t trying to sell for way over sticker.

  8. I picked up a used C7 Z06 in January and I can attest that they were selling quickly. Man is it fun to drive.

  9. FYI: The reason Honda Accord is not on the list is happy owners are already enjoying them.

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