[ACCIDENT] Runaway C3 Corvette Smashes Through a California Auto Shop


[ACCIDENT] Runaway C3 Corvette Smashes Through a California Auto Shop

A mechanic trying to jumpstart a classic C3 Corvette accidentally put the car in drive, sending it crashing through an auto repair shop next door.

The blue Corvette wound up busting through the walls of CaliStreets Tire in Riverside, California, but miraculously no customers or employees were injured by the runaway Stingray on Thursday.

“I still have you know my heart beating still,” co-owner David Hernandez told a reporter from KTLA News.

The whole thing was captured by the business’ video cameras as the Corvette comes smashing through the front wall of the business, goes rolling right behind an SUV being repaired on a lift as the mechanic apparently bails out and CaliStreet employees come running to investigate, and then crashes through another wall with a glass window, where it proceeds to knock a counter and tire displays out of the way before finally slowing down enough to be stopped by the waiting room wall.


A “6 Months Financing” sign and a broken piece of drywall wound up on the hood of the debris-covered Corvette, but it’s hard to tell what other damage was done to the car, though it’s a safe bet that a lot of fiberglass repair and paintwork are in the offing.

“I was just pumping away at work and then all of a sudden, the next thing I know, I see a car bulldozing through the shop,” Marco Avalos, co-owner of CaliStreets Tire, said.

His shop is expected to be closed for business for at least a week while the thousands of dollars worth of damage is being repaired.

“We just got to make the best of it,” an optimistic Avalos said. “We just gotta go with the punches and continue doing what we do.”

Avalos and Hernandez are thankful no one was hurt, especially since customers in cars had been in the direct path of the Corvette just minutes before, and pointed out that the crash serves as a reminder for all workers to take extra precautions when working on vehicles.

“I can’t believe it,” Hernandez said. “God did something for us and everybody.”

We’ve watched this video over and over, and we still can’t figure out why the faulty mechanic bailed out of the runaway Corvette after crashing through the first wall and didn’t just apply the brakes earlier to bring the car to a stop. Of course, the whole incident only took a few seconds, so it’s likely there may not have been enough time to react. Any thoughts out there?


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  1. I think they need to hire some more experienced help. If they had a manual that wouldn’t have happen, because he would of had to push the clutch in before it would start. I assume the tire place’s insurance will be responsible for fixing the Corvette.

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