[VIDEO] C8 Corvette with Front Lift Eases Into a Parking Lot on Three Wheels


[VIDEO] C8 Corvette with Front Lift Eases into Parking Lot on Three Wheels

One of the most exciting and helpful options for new C8 Corvette owners is the RPO E60 Front End Lift which is offered as a stand-alone option on C8 Corvettes. With a touch of a button, the front end lifts up several inches to help clear speed bumps, curbs, and other uneven terrains, and you can save that location for future hands-free operation.

YouTuber Roamin’ Rich recently shared a video of a C8 Corvette with the E60 Front Lift and his video shows us something we’ve never seen previously…a three-wheeled entry into a parking lot!

The video shows Rich driving the car and getting ready to pull into a gas station. Hitting the Front Lift button, we see the axles lifted up and then Rich proceeds into the lot at a fairly aggressive angle due to the approach. We see the passenger side of the front splitter clears the approach with only centimeters to spare. But it’s the driver’s wheel that has us amazed as it’s completely lifted off the pavement before touching down again once the car is safely in the parking lot.

Check this out:

So if you have had doubts on whether or not to add the E60 to your future C8 order, this video makes a great case for it. After being offered on the 2020 models for the low price of $1,495, the popular option saw a $500 increase to $1,995 for the 2021 Corvette models. According to some recent documents we saw from Chevrolet, the option is even more popular with an estimated 62% penetration on current 2021 orders.

Roamin’ Rich / YouTube

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  1. Thanks, for Posting this Very informative video! This will come in handy, when trying to convince the wife that we Really need this option. 🙂

  2. There is NO WAY I’m gonna say, “No,” to this option. There are so many deep dip driveways in Las Vegas and this option is definitely on the must-buy list. So glad GM thought of this.

  3. If you have to get permission from the wife to get a Corvette, you should just stick with a Toyota Prius.

  4. Come on guys, learn how to drive your low slung cars. You enter the dip at a slight angle from the road, then finish your turn. Yes, you will use the whole driveway, just wait for outgoing traffic. Same way out. Option would be handy for speed bumps, but not worth $2000, just go slow. Also the three wheel thing, any late model Corvette will do that, it has nothing to do with the E60 option.

  5. Yes it is a great option and I use it enough to make it worth the money. Why do half of these comments on this site come from people that sound like are they’re still living in the past.

  6. I’m waiting for a Z06 C8 and am not sure if I’ll get that option or not. I have been driving Corvettes for years now and the only thing I have scraped is the front rubber air dam. I can live with that. If I had a questionable driveway I had to come and go out of every day I would definitely get it.

  7. Wish GM would have thought of this option sooner. I have a 2017 Z06 that scrapes the front air foil both coming and going my drive way. Very slow and wide angle is the only way.
    Anybody out there know of any aftermarket help for this annoyance. Not planning on trading up to a C8 “YET”. LOL
    Thanks JB

  8. I just have to respond to the ridiculous comment Mako made. It doesn’t even make good sense. I’ve had 11 Corvettes, owned/published the nation’s largest monthly Corvette magazine from 76 to 81 writing hundreds and hundreds of technical articles and Q/A columns, and written several restoration books on the 53- 67 models all back in the 70’s and early 80’s. I just this past Saturday took delivery of my 2021 Vette. It ONLY took 17 months, 5 days, BUT IT WAS WORTH THE WAIT. So I say all that to say to Mako, “what the crap is your problem”? So what if you say Mako, “it’s a great option and I use it enough to make it worth the money.” A lot of people have valid comments against the option. How do any of these comments have anything to do with living in the past. Sometimes stupidity needs explaining. Frankly, I can talk all day long about problems with older Vettes that can drag, but I now can talk intelligently about the C8, since I now own one, and unless you’re a total dweeb of a driver, YOU DON’T TRULY NEED THIS OPTION. Yes, if you feel better with it, then buy it. I’ve already traversed several angled drives in a subdivision, and a couple commercial drives that if you’re an idiot, you would scrape, BUT if you know how to drive, then $1,900 is just a bit much for whip cream on your sundae. I also raced for 25 years, and I love listening to back marker drivers make excuses for their performance after a race, while I raced the same course, and dealt with the same drivers, and finished 1st 2nd or 3rd 95% of the time. So, Mako, might your driving skills require that you have that lift? I don’t need it because I know how to drive a Vette in any situation, on any road, up any driveway, anywhere, anytime as do some of our other readers out there. Enjoy your little lift option.

  9. Swissrick I wasn’t going to respond to your commits since you had to show your immaturity by your use of derogatory names. A ridiculous comment is telling someone to try and come at a certain angles to not scrape their nose instead of just hitting a button. A stupid comment is telling someone they don’t need an option when you have no idea of the other person’s situation. I always say it’s better to get an option then wishing you did. For 2020 the option was only $1,499. I’ve had 5 vettes including a lowered C4 & C5, plus a GS. I never scraped a nose but would sometimes scrape the air dam under the car (especially on the track). It’s so nice coming home now letting the car rise and driving straight up my driveway, instead of going real slow and trying to maneuver at angles. smh

  10. I just received my “2021” yesterday! Like Swissrick I also waited 17 months for the car. I did change to the Red Mist Metallic after the window of opportunity opened. Like a river with two banks Swissrick and Mako look differently at the front lift option. This is my second Vette, the last being a “73” which I sold 45 years ago after we had our first child. That being said I instantly knew I wanted a C8 back in 2019 and placed the two orders, one with a dealership in West Palm and one in Pittsburgh. After a year I stopped and spoke to the salesman in Florida and he informed me someone cancelled his order with the same color (Accelerator Yellow) and most of the options I wanted. I told him I’d take it but he explained the car would have to go into their “inventory” before selling it to me, okay, then came the punchline, the price would be 10K over sticker. My reply? “I’m cancelling. return my deposit please”. I find out later he posted an email telling everyone his son just picked up his Accelerator Yellow Corvette, I replied, I thought it was strange that the times we spoke he never mentioned his son ordered almost identically the same car I did??? (2 + 2 = 4) Yesterday when I picked up my car, in Pittsburgh, the manager informed me he had orders of 20K over sticker for my car, which has 25K of options, including the front lift, so there are people willing to over pay. I took the car to a detail shop for some work and the owner’s first question was if I had the “lift” as it’s hard to get a jack under the car. So I’m happy I have the option and my driveway has a dip where at my age it will definitely come in handy because I might not remember!

  11. Correction to my post,,,,(couldn’t find an “edit” button)

    “Yesterday when I picked up my car, in Pittsburgh, the manager informed me he had “offers” 20K over sticker for my car, which has 25K of options, including the front lift, so there are people willing to over pay. I took

  12. The Red Mist Metallic color is awesome in person, my friend picked up his a couple weeks ago. I bought my Tahoe from Sun Chevrolet near Pittsburgh.

  13. Flash flood warning areas here in Vegas have dips in the roads that even low-slung, custom ricers are afraid of because it would destroy their precious air dams and panels. Some of them are so deep that they’re forced to turn around and go another route. These dips are designed to move flash flood waters to a specific direction such as a nearby wash or a gutter with rapid intakes. And then there are businesses with such elevated driveways that even a Rolls Royce’s suspension dampeners can’t level out and their passengers are feeling that absurdly angled driveway. My neighborhood is right smack in the vicinity the City of Las Vegas warned me is a Flash Flood Warning Area so these dips are quite numerous in the neighborhood. “Well, move out of that area and head for higher ground,” you say? That’s easier said than done when I’m already paid off on my mortgage so no way am I moving out. For me living in Vegas, the E60 option is definitely a must-buy option so it better have an insane amount of memory space to remember all those dips as I’m driving along. And in case there is flooding in the streets and they’re navigable, my MB GLE350 can handle it just fine; no way I’m taking the Corvette in those conditions.

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