[VIDEO] Supercharged LS9 Engine Swap Breathes New Life Into A 1987 Corvette


[VIDEO] Supercharged LS9 Engine Swap Breathes New Life Into A 1987 Corvette

Photo Credits: Chris Jacobs

Hey all you C4 skeptics, here’s a great blueprint to breathe new life into Dave McLellan’s banished brainchild. We recently shared our thoughts about Everyday Driver’s surprisingly positive reaction to a C4 Corvette, so we now present a definitive blueprint on buffing up the most misunderstood generation of Chevy’s sports car.

Harold Chapman, from Customs and Hot Rods of Andice, Texas, has a ferocious 1987 Callaway Corvette that’s been stuffed with a Connect and Cruise GM Performance supercharged LS9 pumping out 638hp. Swapped in by The Car Shop of Temple, Texas, the install looks like it was birthed right there in the bluegrass mecca of Bowling Green. Backed up by a four-speed automatic transmission, the car rolls on Ridetech coilover suspension, BFGoodrich Rival S tires mounted on gigantic 18-inch monoblock Forgeline GS12 wheels.


Although far from cheap to pull off, this makeover fixes the dated C4 technology from back in the day and will easily wipe the sneer off the face of every C4 detractor out there. This C4 isn’t a trailer queen either. The car is raced regularly and has taken the autocross circuit by storm. Harold lets well-known talking head Chris Jacobs pilot the car and he’s helped tweak some details of the car as well.

Lastly, this Corvette looks badass. We’ve always loved the lines of the C4 and the lowered ride height and upgraded wheels add just the right dollop of styling MSG. A C4 has never looked better. To guys and gals entering the Corvette hobby, there are many great ideas here to modernize and preserve a C4 Corvette. Not only are all the big changes significant, but the overall build of the car is impeccable and would look good “on-the-grass” at any car show in the country. Hopefully this Corvette will spur interest in tastefully upgrading and modding C4s.


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  1. It looks sharp…and the mechanicals sounded interesting, until I got to the transmission selection…an Automatic. If it was mine, I would have had a ZF 6-speed, so you can have
    a lot more fun with it, and not having to let the transmission deciding where and when to shift.

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