[VIDEO] 1971 Corvette LS9 Engine Swap


1971 Corvette LS9 Engine Swap

Perhaps it’s only appropriate that a modern-day ZR1 Corvette engine would be placed in the original body style that started the ZR-1 (yes, with a hyphen back then) craze way back in 1970.

We first told you about this monster of a 1971 Corvette in July 2011, and now our friends at High Tech Corvette have put together a video that shows just what the modern LS9 ZR1 engine can do when planted in a 1971 Corvette. The LS9 even peeks out from under the hood through a clear opening that marks the C6 ZR1s.

Their testing shows modern-day special creation manages 536 horsepower and 480 ft-lbs of torque, way better than the original ZR-1 ever did. The owner also added modern ZR1 power seats and Bluetooth radio to increase creature comforts, which just goes to show you that in the 21st century, anything goes! Also upgraded, of course, to handle the added power were the brakes, suspension, and drivetrain.

By the way, the original ZR-1 was a $1,221 option package that added an LT-1 engine but also deleted such niceties as power windows, air conditioning, and a radio – since this was, after all, a serious race car! Only 53 such cars were ever built from 1970 to 1972 since most folks didn’t want to do without those things.

This site in the past few days has featured 1963 Split-Window and 1971 models updated with super ZR1 power. What do you think is next – a C5 or a C4 or maybe even a 1953?

High Tech Corvette via Corvette Online

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