[VIDEO] This C8 Corvette Wrap Will Cause Heads to Explode


[VIDEO] This C8 Corvette Wrap Will Cause Heads to Explode

Even though the 2020 Corvette is just a few months old, already we have seen enough head-scratching custom wrap jobs on the mid-engine Corvette to last a lifetime.

Back in June we caught sight (and it burned our eyes out) of a C8 Stingray with a fella named “Jeffy” on the hood. If you haven’t seen it, Jeffy is buck-toothed cartoon character with a pencil up his nose and yes, the car is owned by a youtuber. Then last month, the guys at “Rick and Robs Garage” went a different route with a throwback wrap to the psychedelic 1960s. As the car was owned by Rick, we say “to each his own” when it comes to driving around a 5th graders art project.

But this next one is so over the top that I have literally lost the words to describe it. Rick and Rob’s Garage are doing the work on this one too and as part of the set-up, one of them says “this is going to make the Corvette community’s heads explode!” The wrap was unveiled to the Corvette’s owner who was “totally blown away” by it.

[VIDEO] This C8 Corvette Wrap Will Cause Heads to Explode

I’ll be blunt and say that this isn’t for me and most likely you’re not going to be wrapping your Corvette like this either. However, the execution of the wrap is top notch with elements of the art blending over to the rims and there’s even a “thumb” that extends onto the rear glass window.

The video has some talking so if you want to cut to chase for the final reveal of the car, skip ahead to 5:15:

Rick and Robs Garage / YouTube

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