[VIDEO] Utah Man Buys and Brings Home His Late Father’s 1980 Corvette


[VIDEO] Utah Man Buys and Brings Home His Late Father's 1980 Corvette

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A 1980 Corvette has returned to a Utah family after a 10-year absence, bringing back fond memories for the former owner’s son.

Nic Samuels says his late father, Michael Samuels, owned the dark red Corvette but sold it a decade ago while Nic was serving his country overseas in the U.S. Air Force.

The Corvette took on a special meaning for Nic a few years later when, in 2014, his dad passed away from cancer.

“He was diagnosed to live six months,” Nic said, “and he lived like eight years with his cancer.”

[VIDEO] Utah Man Buys and Brings Home His Late Father's 1980 Corvette

Nic hoped one day to bring the Corvette back into the family, a hope that was realized by a twist of fate a few days ago as he was looking through the KSL-TV Classifieds.

“I honestly thought I would never find it, it was just kind of high hopes and wishful thinking,” he said. “Spur of the moment — at the time I just kind of felt like hopping on and taking a look. And little do you know. I didn’t even go to the second page. It was like the fourth one in.”

Nic knew it was his father’s old car as soon as he popped the hood and found his parents’ initials still there where they had been scrawled on a fiberglass panel.

As he cruises down the road now in the Corvette, Nic says “I kind of feel like I’m there with my dad, and he’s here with me.”

Buying the car back has taught him a valuable lesson about life, he told KSL reporter Morgan Wolfe.

“Life’s not permanent,” he said. “Appreciate what you have while it is there. Enjoy the little things.”

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[VIDEO] Utah Man Buys and Brings Home His Late Father's 1980 Corvette


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  1. Great story . My late father’s 63 found its way back to my garage after 15 years . Thanks to a great friend who bought it from him .

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