[VIDEO] 1958 Corvette Gets First Bath in 30 Years


[VIDEO] 1958 Corvette Gets First Bath in 30 Years

Would you look good after taking a 30 year slumber? That’s the debate going on in the comments section after video of this dirty green 1958 Corvette receiving a bath was posted on the facebook page of 40s & 50s American Cars.

The car does have a remarkable amount of dust and dirt and you can see that it takes a soapy towel to effectively remove the grime from the 58’s washboard hood.

Others aren’t so sure as the car has a remarkable shine once its all cleaned up, and some are questioning if those are the original tires it was wearing when it was put into storage as they appear to be in very good condition as well.

Regardless, we think the video is satisfying on a number of levels and a classic Corvette that looks this good deserves to have its mechanicals checked out so the car get back on the road asap.


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  1. This “hose down/dirty towel wash down” is what would make a Griot’s or Autogeek car care customer cringe! Scratching marginal lacquer paint by swabbing a filthy (if soapy) towel on the hood and who knows where else, is a guarantee for hazy, scratched paint. It looked better with 30 years of dust!

  2. it would have been interesting to have Adam over at Adam’s Polishes (or as Keith mentioned – AutoGeek or Griot’s) give it a once over along with their commentary on the condition of the paint, chrome, etc. You don’t see 30 years of gunk cleaned off everyday. Cleaned up better than I would have thought tho!

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