[VIDEO] New C8 Corvette Instructional Videos from GM Now Available


[VIDEO] New C8 Corvette Instructional Videos from GM Now Available

General Motors has updated the Corvette Ownership Experience pages at Chevrolet.com with a slew of new C8 Corvette instructional videos designed for owners to learn more and get the most out of their new 2020 Corvettes.

Chevrolet has added 23 new videos about the C8 Corvette and they are divided into categories that include Driver Assistance, Performance, and Maintenance. In addition to walkarounds and showing off various features, you can also learn how to configure memory settings, set up Bluetooth, as well as maintenance steps like checking fluids or configuring the car for a track day event.

As an example, here is the general Walkaround video:

For even additional information about setting up or configuring your Corvette, the Chevrolet Corvette Experience page has links to the How-To and Support section for the 2020 Corvette as well as a link to download the pdf version of the 2020 Corvette Owner’s Manual.

Also available are links to General Corvette Accessories as well as C8 Corvette Merchandise so you can deck out your new Corvette and yourself in C8 parts, merchandise, and accessories!

If you prefer to watch the videos via youtube, here is the link to Chevrolet’s 2020 Corvette Playlist.

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  1. After watching this, am I to think that a real owners manual does not come with the car? I know that the sales brochure that was expected last October has yet to arrive.

  2. There is a PDF owners manual that can be downloaded. And, just like back in the day, I’m sure that the C8 will have a printed copy in the glovebox.

  3. These seem more like advertising than information. Lots of details, little time. Nothing like having the car and a printed manual. If only I did. . . .

  4. Got my C8 2 weeks ago today.Delivered by Plycar from Criswell in maryland.Torch red,and it is red,not my fav color,but this car is the bomb.Still have 100 miles to get breakin.Everybody is passin me by taking videos and pics.I still havent seen 1 on the road yet.Every where I go ,folk stop me asking what it is .I have much to learn from videos.I have a C5 that is now neglected in my garage.

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