[VIDEO] Cops Arrest Angry KAREN for Blocking Racecar Birthday Parade


[VIDEO] Cops Arrest Angry KAREN for Blocking Racecar Birthday Parade

I got a real kick out of this video since the “Karen” meme seems to be going viral lately. Here’s a bunch of car guys getting together to do a Birthday Parade past a 10-year-old boy’s house. These kinds of parades have been a big hit during the Coronavirus lockdowns and how cool is it to be a 10-year-old and have all these fantastic cars driving by your house on your birthday!

There were some great cars in attendance as well! Corvettes, Mustangs, Challengers, and Chargers made up the majority, but we spied a great looking Chevy SS as well as a Cadillac CTS-V.

Up until “Karen” decides she’s had enough, I didn’t see any of the participants do anything dangerous or illegal, and most likely it because the cars are loud is what set her off. But to see the huge police presence show up with lights blazing was shocking and even crazier was that it was “Karen” and perhaps her husband who was arrested for causing the disturbance!

From Cars Across Texas via YouTube:

We got a bunch of race cars together to go give one of our friend’s sons a birthday car parade and most people were loving it except for this KAREN. She took it upon herself to block off the road and call the cops but she didn’t realize the cops would side with us! This was awesome and Happy Birthday Gavin!

But wait, there’s been an update in the story. The original Birthday Parade drive-by was posted a week ago and tonight another video was posted as the cars return to the neighborhood at the request of residents:

The neighborhood asked us to come back for a Round 2 but we didn’t expect the huge amount of people that wanted to watch us roll through. The crowds looked like they had a good time and we got a good update on Karen 2 and her husband. I can’t believe they put their house up for sale!! Enjoy!

Cars Across Texas

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  1. Ya that was some of the coolest shit I have seen, almost makes me want to move to TX. Not really but way cool. Some damn nice cars. Somebody needs to slap that Karen bitch upside the head. Awesome it forced the buzz kill family to move, right on. Can we do something like this to the WH?? Make the Orange Monkey move away.

  2. This was a situation that was truelly not thought out well. Should have been done at a Park..?
    Where is the comon sense of saying Ha guys let’s do something differant here..? Let’s not upset their neighbors..? 2 wrongs don’t make a right..?

  3. I’m a gearhead who likes loud cars and I own two Corvettes with fairly loud exhaust. Still I’m not so sure that this was a cool thing to do in a nice neighborhood like that.

  4. The neighborhood asked for a round 2, correct?
    The cops clearly had no problem.
    And a 10 year old kid has something GOOD to remember about a birthday that he might of otherwise wanted to forget.

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