[ACCIDENT] Custom C4 Corvette Struck By Red Light Runner in Pennsylvania


[ACCIDENT] Custom C4 Corvette Struck By Red Light Runner in Pennsylvania

Photo Credit: SkookNews.com

A customized blue C4 Corvette suffered extensive front-end damage after a three-vehicle crash Wednesday afternoon near Shenandoah, Pennsylvania.

Fortunately, officials reported no injuries.

According to Shenandoah Police Patrolman Adam Bernodin, the Corvette was leaving Gold Star Plaza legally with a green light about 12:15 p.m., when it was struck on the left side by a white Dodge that ignored the signal while traveling south on Route 924.

After impact, both vehicles then struck the front end of a vehicle waiting to make a left turn into the plaza.

Answering the call were the Shenandoah Fire Department, Shenandoah Police Department, West Mahanoy Township, and Mahanoy Township.

You can see more photos from the accident scene at www.skooknews.com.


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  1. Had a 1993 Corvette that color but no ground effects. Never needed to add weight to the car to keep it on the ground and only went airborne once when I turned of the traction off. Never did that again even though I stuck the landing. Corvettes fast or not need tone driven defensively, because everyone is out to get you. Vette Envy!

  2. I certain hope the driver in the Dodge was cited for running the light, and perhaps DUI..

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