[VIDEO] Dyno Shows What Exactly Happens When the C8 Corvette Passes the 500 Mile Break-in Mark


[VIDEO] Dyno Shows What Exactly Happens When the C8 Corvette Passes the 500 Mile Break-in Mark

We’ve previously detailed one of the protection features on the new Corvette is that during its 500 mile break-in period the LT2 V8 engine reduces the amount of torque by 25%-30% depending on your model (Base or Z51). We know that owners are always excited to watch the odometer as they surpass the 500 miles and the gauges do a visible reset.

Speed Society wanted to take a closer look at the process as the mention several conflicting rumors about what happens to the car after the 500-mile break-in period and specifically the horsepower numbers. To do so, they are going to utilize a dyno and look at the results as the Corvette is tested during its break-in period and then right after it passes it.

One of the interesting things they do is run the car in AWD mode to set the baseline. According to some of the comments, the C8 requires the AWD mode because a number of modules “freak-out” if it’s not done that way.

The baseline confirms that 423 hp is available during the 4th gear pull, and after the 500-mile break-in it jumps up to 446 hp. It’s an interesting video that contains no fluff or mindless banter so give it a watch!

From Speed Society via YouTube:

We made power pulls before the “break-in” period and after to see if there really is a difference in power once the C8 Corvette hits 500 miles & the RPM gauge opens up to full range.

Speed Society / YouTube

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  1. Very enjoyable and informative video — “just the facts, ma’am, nothing but the facts”!

  2. What gear was this left in? Isnt 5th gear the most accurate gear?
    Glad to see a 450 hp. That tells me a new DCT is less than 10 % loss off the crank to the wheel

  3. …”because we put it in awd mode vs 2wd mode”… 🤣..
    WTF put WHAT in awd mode, the DYNO?…
    Somebody is high on home-made stuff.

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