NCM Insurance Agency Can Now Protect Corvettes and Collector Cars in New York


NCM Insurance Can Now Protect Corvettes and Collector Cars in New York

We heard the good news from our friends at NCM Insurance that they can now write agreed-value collector car policies in the State of New York.

Several of us here at CorvetteBlogger have our cars insured with the National Corvette Museum’s in-house insurance agency and it’s by far better insurance at a lower cost than traditional insurance policies.

Here are seven reasons why New Yorkers (and those in all states where licensed) should cover your collector cars with the NCM Insurance Agency:

  1. They can insure ANY Year, Make and Model collector vehicle (not just Corvettes!)
  2. Agreed Value Protection – They agree on what the car is worth, no questions to what the car is worth if the car is deemed a total loss.
  3. NCM Member? They have a discount for members of the National Corvette Museum.
  4. Deductible options – from $50 and up to help reduce premium
  5. One Liability Charge – Own more than one collector vehicle? No need to pay liability on each one like standard auto insurance.
  6. Expert Claims Service – Top notch experts in collector vehicles will guide you through the claims process.
  7. Helps support the National Corvette Museum.

Look, we know you are home and looking for something to do, so why not save some money on your Corvette’s insurance policy by replacing it with a better one from the NCM Insurance Agency! For a free quote, call 877-678-7626 to speak to an in-house agent or visit them online at

NCM Insurnace Agency

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  1. Is NCM Insurance available in Canada — specifically the province of Alberta? If not, do they have plans to come to Canada in the near future?

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