NCM Insurance Makes it Easy to Update Your Classic and Collectible Corvette’s Insurance Policy


NCM Insurance Makes it Easy to Update Your Classic and Collectible Corvette's Insurance Policy

For more years than I can remember now is about how long I’ve had my 1966 Corvette covered through a policy with the Corvette Museum’s NCM Insurance Agency.

Earlier this year I called up my friend Adam Boca to make some changes to my policy, and they were handled quickly and efficiently as expected. As we all need insurance for our classic and collectible Corvettes, I wanted to write up a quick post about my experience with the NCM Insurance Agency.

But first a quick refresher!

The NCM Insurance Agency is affiliated with the National Corvette Museum and in fact, their offices are located inside the Museum in Bowling Green. They can insure pretty much any classic or collectible Corvette from C1 to C8 as well as any other muscle or exotic cars that aren’t daily drivers. Commissions earned from your policies go back to the Museum so it’s a win-win situation. Plus, the insurance coverage is really good and we’ve heard more than one testimonial about how policy-owners were treated after their rides were damaged unexpectedly.

My Corvette has been our family since my dad purchased the car new in June, 1966. It’s a base-engine model Convertible (327/300 hp) with the only options being posi and an AM/FM radio. It’s a driver quality car that usually sees about 1,000 miles per year.

My classic car policy with the NCM Insurance Agency renews at the beginning of every year and to give you a sense of the savings over traditional car insurance, my annual bill was $350 for the policy that had a $50,000 Agreed Value.

We’ve been watching classic Corvette pricing heading upwards again for the last year as Corvette prices do when we are in a hot market, and Corvette prices are red hot right now! So I called up Adam and asked how much to add an additional $5,000 on the car to bring up the Agreed Value to $55,000. (For the record, the car will never be sold, but that doesn’t mean you cut back on the coverage of the car.) Adam was able to approve the increase in coverage on the phone and quoted just another $20 to bring my total annual insurance bill on the car to $370.00. I paid the premium online and received my updated documentation a week later.

NCM Insurance Makes it Easy to Update Your Classic and Collectible Corvette's Insurance Policy

There are some great classic car insurance agencies out there to choose from and we recommend working with one that offers Agreed Value policies. But we like the idea that our Corvettes are insured by the Corvette experts at the NCM Insurance Agency, and that the commissions go to the National Corvette Museum to help their mission to save and share the history of America’s favorite sports car.

If you are currently a customer of the NCM Insurance Agency and haven’t updated the value of your Corvette’s coverage recently, it may be time to take another look. Get your free quote today at the NCM Insurance Agency or call 877-678-7626 to speak to one of their insurance experts.

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  1. The NCM Insurance I had up north was wonderful. Unfortunately, when I moved to NC they told me they are not licensed to insure cars in NC. Some political thing in NC that does not allow them to issue policies here. Oh well.

  2. I changed to NCM in January for my ’67 L71 convertible. Annual NCM premium was $349 compared to $1135 for essentially equivalent coverage with my prior insurer (except for 1000 mile annual mileage limit I selected with NCM).

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