[VIDEO] This is What the 2020 Corvette Sounds Like Without Its Mufflers


[VIDEO] This is What the 2020 Corvette Sounds Like Without Its Mufflers

One of the complaints, if you can call it that, about the new 495-horsepower C8 Corvette is that it’s a little too quiet.

But take a look at this video posted by the guys at the Street Speed 717 YouTube channel, and you might have found your solution if the noise levels of the 2020 Corvette are too low for you.

The purists out there will probably have a fit when they see the rear end of a brand new C8 mercilessly torn apart, but if you can get over the heartache of seeing the guts of the Stingray exposed, you’ll probably be like the 79 percent of the people who responded “no mufflers” to a Road and Track poll asking which way they preferred.

After a few minutes of reversing the efforts of the hard-working folks at the Bowling Green Assembly Plant, the Street Speed 717 guys manage to remove the exhaust system of the Stingray, leaving only about a foot and a half of exhaust from that beautiful LT2 6.2-liter monster of a motor.

We suggest fast forwarding through a bunch of boring stories about other kinds of cars (is there any other besides a Corvette?) and head directly to about the 16-minute mark to see how it all came to be. If you want to just hear the muffler-less C8 crank up and rev up, skip ahead even further to the 18-minute mark.

[VIDEO] This is What the 2020 Corvette Sounds Like Without Its Mufflers

Like the Street Scape crew, I was expecting the car to be kind of obnoxious and annoying without the mufflers, but I have to say I’m in the 79 percent in favor of the louder sound.

They even point out that removing the muffler didn’t cause a check engine light to come on, at least in the first few minutes, anyway, and theorize that it wouldn’t be annoying to take the Stingray for a spin without its mufflers since any drone would be behind the driver. (They had the wheels off and weren’t able to actually drive the car.) We’d have to agree with them, though in the everyday world, it might be nice to have the optional Performance Exhaust to allow you to get quiet on command.

So take a listen and let us know what you think. Muffled C8 or not muffled?

Street Speed 717 via RoadandTrack.com

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  1. I hope I am not alone in saying this is one of the many the reasons we need to keep the small block pushrod / cross plane crank alive…

  2. Now, that SOUNDS like a Corvette, with a small block Chevy engine. None of that Flat plane crank, metallic screeching sound. Amen! to that!

  3. After a minute with the box and a minute destroying the back end of his Corvette, I had to leave a comment then change to “Stupid people doing stupid things” which wasn’t near as hard to watch as this guy destroying a Corvette. I’m sure Zora is turning over in his grave.

  4. Destroying? They removed the back so they could wrap it. Destroying? They removed the muffler to see how the car sounded without it. Videos like this gives some of us a look at what it might take to change out the factory mufflers. It just seems that some people that don’t have a clue have “stupid comments”.

  5. Hey!!! I watched this to see and hear a C8 with open exhaust NOT A FRIGGEN STANG OR MOPAR!! Damn it! Vette sounds awesome and revs like a race car. Keep the other CRAP out next time. Oh and nobody is destroying anything ya drama queen. Ronnie, maybe you should move to the VW or Kia sites.

  6. You kids crack me up. This idiot IS destroying his new C8 one piece at a time. First he took off the factory tires and wheels and the crap he put on (With Pep Boys lug nuts from China) doesn’t fit right front or rear. Then he tears off the back end to “wrap it”? So now he’s covering up the factory paint (same as destroying it). You know (probably) he will put some crap aftermarket exhaust system on because again, what do those engineers know? FYI: I own a C6 Z06 that would probably outrun his C8 once he gets done destroying it, a 1968 Nova that runs high 9s (quarter mile) and a 1979 Z28 (My daily driver) that has run high 12s (quarter mile). I also own a mint 1972 Corvette with the base motor, auto, air PB, PS, and leather. I am a serious Chevrolet performance car guy, especially Corvettes and it really pisses me off to see someone ruin one.

  7. Amazing! It sounds like a 70 year old ohv cross plane crank v8. Now louder and less pleasing in tone.

  8. I’m sure his neighbors will love his new anal mods, day-in, day-out… Putting overly loud exhaust on a daily driver decreases its appeal and value, not to mention the annoyance to most putting up with “brat’s” noise.. Another brat, another disaster…

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