[VIDEO] Watch These Multiple C8 Corvettes Utilize Launch Control


[VIDEO] Watch These Multiple C8 Corvettes Utilizing Launch Control

For the last two days we’ve been in Corvette Heaven as we were invited by Chevrolet to come out to Las Vegas and test drive the 2020 Corvette Stingray. The test consisted of two parts that included a route through the Valley of Fire state park and then today we drove the new mid-engine sports cars at Spring Mountain Motor Resort & Country Club.

Today’s driving session culminated with the very talented instructors from the Ron Fellows Performance Driving School offering hot laps around the track. Each driver gave their passenger a demonstration of the capabilities of the new Corvette and those two fast laps started with engaging launch control as each car took to the track.

With 60% of the weight of the 2020 Corvette residing over the back wheels, the Launch Control demonstration shows just how quick these cars are able to put power to the pavement as those Michelin Pilot Sport 4S summer tires quickly hook up to send the car on the track.

We will be traveling from Las Vegas to home in Tampa on Wednesday, but keep checking back as we got a lot of great photos and videos from our 2020 Corvette drive on deck!

Video by Keith Cornett

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  1. What does one do? Excitement revs up. My wife today was observing the c8 Corvette and she said she liked it. She claimed she thought it was a Lamborghini. I don’t know if she was serious, but she said we should get one. Can you believe that? Just pretty amazing. Meantime, I have the light blue one with the natural interior, but I’m leaning towards ordering the gray and black instead. Just don’t know. Natural spoke wheels. Convertible. I know. This option will make it weigh more and will make me wait. Z51 package with all performance boxes checked. I need to make sure I check the engine light package. AF

  2. GM is building ours in the week of 3-23. Loaded 3LT, Z51, FE4 mag dampers, Carbon package on dash and engine, Long Beach metallic tint coat red, Black interior with red stitching.
    Getting a Discount Tire credit card.😎

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