Corvettes on eBay: 1958 Corvette Fuelie Basement Find


Corvettes on eBay: 1958 Corvette Fuelie Basement Find

If you’re an enthusiast, you might think you could never have too many C1 Corvettes in your garage.

But that’s not always the case.

For example, the owner of this 1958 basement find is ready to part with his classic Corvette. When he bought the car, he was actually looking for a 1960 Corvette, like the one his father owned back in the day. After settling for the ’58, of course, he came across the actual ’60 that had been owned by his dad.

Corvettes on eBay: 1958 Corvette Fuelie Basement Find

That means it’s time for the ’58 to go, and this one appears to have all the bones for a possible high-dollar frame-off restoration, especially since it retains the original matching-numbers engine that doesn’t run but still turns over by hand. Also included is a Rochester fuel injection unit that was overhauled 40 years ago and never installed and was found wrapped up in the trunk when the current owner purchased the Corvette.

The car had been stored in a basement since 1979, waiting for Prince Charming to take her to the ball. Now it will be up to another owner to tackle that restoration job.

Corvettes on eBay: 1958 Corvette Fuelie Basement Find

Said to have had just two owners in the past 62 years, the car is “all there down to the spare tire, jack, and tools.” Everything under the hood, it is said, is correct except for the generator, which is a replacement service unit.

The car left the St. Louis factory coated in white paint with silver coves but was repainted green in 1969 by the original owner. The body will need some work with cracks in both front fenders, one in the passenger door, and another in the hood, and the frame appears to have a rusty spot that will need to be repaired. The interior will need to be replaced, but the gauges appear to be all there, though we wonder if they still will work or will need to be exchanged for new ones.

Corvettes on eBay: 1958 Corvette Fuelie Basement Find

The car had been posted earlier on eBay and the bid climbed to $45,000 before the listing was pulled for some reason. Right now, the car is being offered again, but only at the “Buy It Now” price of $45,000 through Friday morning.

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