The Engineers Arrested for Speeding in the 2020 Corvettes No Longer Work for GM


The Engineers Arrested for Speeding in the 2020 Corvettes No Longer Work for GM

We are sad to report that the two engineers that were arrested on January 8th for excessive speeding in two new 2020 Corvettes no longer work for General Motors.

The two engineers, Alexander Thim (27) and Mark Derkatz (30) were arrested on Lovers Lane in Bowling Green, Kentucky for exceeding the posted 45 MPH speed limit by over 26 MPH which then requires a court date. Thim was clocked by a Kentucky State Trooper driving 120 MPH while Derkatz was cited for 100 MPH. Both would send the night at the Warren County Regional Jail and were released on a $1,000 bond the next day. says that a review of the two engineer’s resumes on LinkedIn show that both are no longer working for General Motors. Thim’s profile states that he “previously worked at General Motors launching the new 2020 Corvette as the chassis/powertrain issue resolution team” while Derkatz profile shows his employment with GM ended in January

At the time of their arrest, the 2020 Corvettes were towed to lot and they were collected by GM representatives the following day. A friend of ours captured this photo of the two Corvettes parked out behind the Corvette Assembly Plant a couple days later: reached out to GM about the engineers and received this statement:

“We have completed our investigation of the incident and taken appropriate action. Out of respect for the privacy of the individuals, we will not be making further comment.”

We’ve all been guilty of “doing something stupid” at one point or another and it’s unfortunate that these two had to pay the price. But after the huge amount of negative publicity, I think it was but a given that GM would let them go for violating company policies, as it also sends a message to other employees driving the new Corvettes or other pre-production vehicles to “govern themselves accordingly” as a legal scholar once reminded us.


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  1. I cannot see GM firing them for a speeding ticket if it was there own cars , but if they where company prototypes and did not have permission to drive the cars, then rightfully so. Besides, would GM fired them if they were driving a Ford

  2. Firing of these guys just shows us how GD stupid Generous Motor’s has become! I have been their customer for many many year’s and since they do want to build car’s anymore I do not want a truck or suv they can go to hell!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Something tells me that these two engineers will land on their feet just fine. Hell, Dodge may want to hire them to do some of those crazy commercials of Challengers and Chargers racing on the streets…
    Best to them!!!

  4. Several + years ago, a GM employee in Michigan signed out for a new Corvette. While driving the Corvette, he struck and killed (2) motorists that were changing a flat tire on the shoulder of the road. One of the motorists was a good Samaritan that stopped to assist the person with the flat tire. Too amplify the tragedy, the GM employee previously had his drivers license revoked and was driving illegally. The combined lawsuits filed against GM were in excess of $50M. GM’s concerns with these matters are well acknowledged by their employees. Unfortunately for these two engineers, their sense of corporate responsibility and job security was momentarily overcome by their right foot. Perhaps they were fortunate that someone wasn’t hurt which would be on their conscience forever.

  5. In reading the comments that GM made a mistake terminating these engineers or they won’t buy a GM product just shows that some people won’t take responsibility for their own actions. The engineers would still be employed if they had used a little common sense. I knew a week ago that they were history.

  6. Keith, I’m not sure why you “are sad to report” the firing. Owning a car that will go fast also brings with it the responsibility to operate the car with some degree of common sense. And it’s obvious that neither of these individuals shared that responsibility. My guess is there’s also a leadership problem within the organization where both of these people were employed. Stupid is as stupid does, especially when the expectation is that you can get away with it.

  7. It’s a liability issue for GM. The cars belonged to them and were being driven by employees. Imagine if they had been in a crash and killed someone. GM would be the deep pocket.

  8. GM has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with this incident!

    Why does anyone even mention the corporation?

  9. I’m confident there’s a ton of lawyers that would disagree with you, that had there been an accident that GM would not be culpable for the engineer’s irresponsible actions. There’s numerous public C8 videos with GM drivers/employee’s demonstrating questionable behavior…it’s not a stretch that GM Execs were looking the other way and as such, would find themselves as defendants.

  10. Wow GM, kinda excessive. They build this friggen car to do just that, go fast and have fun. This makes me question my GM/Vette loyalty. Dodge has multiple commercials with their cars sideways frying the tires on city streets, closed off ya but so what. This is a bs decision GM. Pretty damn sad.

  11. They deserve what they got. Doing stupid things in a preproduction engineering prototype will get you fired anywhere. And didn’t I hear they were at a bar prior to the incident? They weren’t kids, and they did know better. It’s a shame, but doo-doo ensues stupidity.

  12. Why didnt Mark Reuss loose his job when he smashed a new Vette on national television. He could have let one of the many qualified professional race drivers hired by GM pilot the production Vette around the course. But that would not have satified Reuss’ ego. These two engineers didnt damage the Vettes they were driving, but lost their jobs for using poor judgement. Reuss kept his job and keeps rolling in the millions each year for using poor judgement.

  13. I feel like GM went precisely the wrong direction with the terminations. Corvettes aren’t generally sold to the politically correct, afraid of everything crowd. Why not treat the event as the youthful indiscretion that it was, apologize for it, and then make fun of it on social media, a late-night comedy show or in a Super Bowl commercial?

  14. Whitey – King of all domgooders”. No one is perfect. There’s a saying about throwing stones..

  15. I worked at the Corvette plant & retired from there in 2006 as a UAW worker, Local 2164. These two engineers knew when they took these two cars out that 1. they were driving them to evaluate them, it was part of their jobs. Not to be used just for a joy ride. 2. They were representing GM & the Corvette plant. If these were their personal cars GM would of done nothing, but they belonged to GM & if things had gone really bad, such as they had a wreck & someone was hurt really bad guess who would of been left holding the ball? I’m not a fan of GM’s thinking on a lot of things & when I worked there as an elected Union Rep. I had more then just a few head to head meetings with Labor relations, but I think GM felt they were protecting themselves from perhaps a future incident from these two clowns.

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