[VIDEO] 1967 Corvette: American Nostalgia from Petrolicious


[VIDEO] 1967 Corvette: American Nostalgia from Petrolicious

Want to know what it’s like to own and drive a classic Corvette?

1967 Sting Ray owner Matt Euson gives us the ins, outs, and more when it comes to owning a classic C2 Corvette in this new video released Tuesday from Petrolicious. The video offers Matt’s perspective of classic car ownership as he drives his Black/Black ’67 Coupe on two-lane roads through the Indiana countryside complete with rolling hills and covered bridges.

Matt gives us a rundown on how he picked the ’67 Corvette and he makes some great points about how you come to trust the car you’re driving because there are no computers or driving aids, and that diligence becomes part of the connection between man and machine.

One of the most important topics he touches on in our opinion is about how he likes to share the car, telling the story how he loaned the car to a good friend so that it could be used in their wedding. Now, his friend and new wife will carry those memories of the Corvette for the rest of their lives. It’s moments like this that Matt believes helps to keep the classic car hobby alive.

[VIDEO] 1967 Corvette: American Nostalgia from Pretrolicious

Like other Petrolicious videos, this video is all about the connection between the car and its owner. We get some beautiful video to watch and the small-block V8 sound coming from the side pipes needs to be heard.

From Petrolicious via YouTube:

The Chevrolet Corvette is the quintessential American automotive protagonist. It’s a car that Apollo astronauts drove on earth, but also one that’s won its class at Le Mans. Simultaneously a relatable product from Detroit and a sports car that stacks up against the best international efforts, the cult of Corvette has grown to a level of organized religion since the first ones rolled out in the 1950s. The C2 generation (like Matt Euson’s 1967 Stingray in today’s film) is widely loved for its looks, but it was also the first generation of Corvette that saw material success in motorsport. It’s a piece of American racing history, and for Matt Euson, it’s a piece of 1960s nostalgia that he shares with his family and friends whenever he can.


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