Corvettes on eBay: Funky 1971 LT-1 Corvette Stingray Barn Find


Corvettes on eBay: Funky 1971 LT-1 Corvette Stingray Barn Find

In my collection of memorabilia, I still have some old car magazines from the 1970s, showing the wild paint jobs they used to put on C2s and early C3s.

Those body styles just seemed to scream out for a psychedelic paint job, but in case you were a nerd and missed out on coating your Corvette in such a groovy fashion back in the day, don’t fret.

We’ve got just the Corvette for you – this custom painted yellow and orange 1971 barn find coupe that’s been in storage for the past 30 years. Best of all, it’s being offered at no reserve on eBay, and interest has been high with four days left, with 52 bids already being made, the high offer so far a reasonable $10,800.

Corvettes on eBay: Funky 1971 LT-1 Corvette Stingray Barn Find

The seller notes that he recently bought the car from its second owner, who came up with the new paint scheme after purchasing it from his business partner some 46 years ago in Florida. After moving to Indiana in 1989, he parked the car and apparently had not driven it since.

While some people might not like the exterior of this Corvette, if we bought the car, we would likely leave it just like it is on the outside, a rolling testament to the era, especially since the seller notes the paint “actually has held up very well with no major cracks or imperfections showing past damages” and remains “just bright and screams funky and cocaine 70’s.”

Corvettes on eBay: Funky 1971 LT-1 Corvette Stingray Barn Find

The body panels and fit are described as “very nice,” with the body apparently never having been hit. The glass seems to be original, the original wheels are included in the sale, and the chrome and trim remain intact with no major dents or damage, “just dirty and tarnished.”

Though it hasn’t been started or driven in a long time, the car at least seems to have all the right parts mechanically, with the original motor and four-speed transmission still intact. The seller says he has fogged and lubricated the engine, which he found to turn freely by hand, and the coolant checked out fine at -30+. After having been “stored very well, nice and dry conditions,” that foresight seems to have paid off as the frame is said to remain solid with no rot and no mice damage.

Corvettes on eBay: Funky 1971 LT-1 Corvette Stingray Barn Find

While the outside definitely screams funky, the interior remains stock original, with no odd smells, though the foam in the leather seats is breaking down. On the bright side, the dash, instruments, and door panels look decent, at least in the photos.

Ultimately, the seller describes his Corvette as “a clean canvas to work with” – “a great candidate for a restoration project,” “all intact,” with an “excellent” body and frame.

So what would you do if you were the high bidder? Run to your nearest paint shop, or just “play that funky music till you die”?

Corvettes on eBay: Funky 1971 LT-1 Corvette Stingray Barn Find


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  1. Please google 74 Twin Turbo Corvette Greenwood Widebody AMERICAN Pickers. I am The new owner and am wondering if there is any info in the Magazines? The name Bob Larson is the creator of the car.

    Thanks for any info available

  2. I would also leave the exterior the way it is. As funky paint jobs go, this one is reasonably tasteful.

  3. Since the ringtone on my phone is Play that funky music white boy and I’m a child of the 70s I wouldn’t touch that paint job with a 10 foot pole as a matter of fact some of the crap I did back in the day it probably would appear a solid color

  4. “The coolant checked out fine” Oh sure after 30 years? This car has a thousand issues. I think the right detail man could get the “funky Cocaine” crap off the original paint. After that, the winning bidder can start disassembling the car because it’s going to need EVERYTHING.

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