[PIC] C8 Corvette’s Illuminated Sill Plate Price and Ordering Information


[PIC] C8 Corvette's Illuminated Sill Plate Price and Ordering Information

One of the more interesting accessory options on the C8 Corvette is the “Illuminated Sill Plate” and we finally have a photo of it to show.

Those wishing to order the Illuminated Sill Plate Accessory Item (LPO VST) as part of their 2020 Corvette order will be able to do so beginning with next week’s order cycle (week of December 16).

The Illuminated Sill Plate Accessory is priced at $295.

If your 2020 Corvette order is already at 3000 status, you will not be able to add this to your order. However, you will be able to order this item from your local Chevrolet dealer’s parts department or from an online Chevrolet parts store.

[PIC] C8 Corvette's Illuminated Sill Plate Price and Ordering Information

A Google search reveals several online Chevrolet parts stores showing these as available for pre-order. The lowest price I have found so far is $240.06 plus shipping (estimated $14.96 to my location).

These are listed as “GM Accessories 84185603 C8 Corvette Illuminated Door Sill Plates w Stingray Logo.”

What are your thoughts about the Illuminated Sill Plate option? Let us know in the comments section below.

Thanks again to Harlan Charles for sharing with us that the illuminated sill plates are battery-powered and do not have to be connected to the car’s wiring harness.

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  1. I like it. $255 shipped plus installation! The $40 difference is worth the factory installing it. Note that the Code is VST.

  2. Please do not waste your money on illuminated sill plates. I forced to pay for them on my Buick Regal S B GS because the dealer had installed them to make more $$$! $ 425.00 CDN!!!!!!!

  3. They should also offer an illuminated standard CORVETTE sill plate. Much cooler & more impressive for entering passengers.

  4. There will be a myriad of similar aftermarket designs coming along after the introduction and my guess would be that they will be significantly less expensive. The C8 will yield a goldmine of aftermarket adornments. Some tasteless and some that GM will think, “Why didn’t WE think of that?”

  5. So if they are battery powered, do they switch on and off with a sensor or stay on all the time when the door is closed and kill the battery?

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