The Best Corvettes to Buy this Black Friday


The Best Corvettes to Buy this Black Friday

Forget waiting in line at an ungodly hour just to get your hands on a discounted tv that you’ll have to wrestle away from twenty other rubes, what you need this Black Friday is a/another Corvette. And just like all of those adds that have been filling up your mailbox, CorvetteBlogger is here so that you don’t even have to shop around to find the best Corvette deals of the week.


We are going to start with the car that inspired this whole post. Deep in the heart of Virginia is an almost unbelievable deal on a 2019 Z06. Country Chevrolet actually is running a Black Friday sale and the deal that jumps off of the page is on a 2,840-mile Elkhart Lake Blue Metallic Z06 with the top-tier 3LZ equipment group, a manual transmission, visible carbon fiber ground effects and the almighty Z07 package. It is a nearly perfect build that looks like it is only missing the Comp. Seats and the original owner chose the body color and transparent dual roof package instead of spec’ing carbon fiber to match the ground effects but these extremely minor imperfections disappear once you see the price. This nearly new car that stickered for more than $100,000 can be yours for just $78,900!

2019 Corvette Z06


C6 ZR1 prices have been very consistent for years with the nicest cars commanding above $70,000 and good deals sometimes creeping below $65k. If you wanted anything under $60,000, you were going to have to make some concessions on your desired options, color, etc. and be willing to accept far above average miles. Luckily, the C8, and its remarkable starting price, seems to have given a little shot to the C6 ZR1 market. We have not one, but three ZR1s that we think you should take a look at.

2010 Corvette ZR1

First, we have a Torch Red 2010 3ZR with barely over 7 thousand miles which can be had for $58,995 from Donohoo Chevrolet in Fort Payne, Alabama. We will follow up that outstanding deal with the very first 2010 ZR1 off the line. That is right, you can join the exclusive club of ZR1 #0001 owners with the likes of Jay Leno and Rick Hendrick and it won’t cost you $1 Million to do it. This 0001 is Jetstream Blue with the Titanium 3ZR interior and best of all, it can be yours for just 80,000 Canadian Dollars which is barely $60,000!

Finally, we have a minor celebrity that you can park in your garage. CNC Motors of Upland, CA currently has the Victory Red 2009 ZR1 that was the cover car for the menu at THE Corvette Café in the National Corvette Museum, complete with a neat framed display and certificate of authenticity. Unfortunately, California hasn’t gotten the memo about the new price point of ZR1s yet so this bad boy will still set its new owner back $65k but we think it is well worth it because it appears to be in the best shape of any of the three cars highlighted here and is a whole lot of car, even at double the price! When faced with the choice between a C6 ZR1 and a bare bones 2020 Stingray at $60,000, your author would recommend the front-engine model in with zero hesitation, get them while they are hot, everyone!


Speaking of ZR1s, let’s check out a stunning example the C6’s hyphened predecessor that has just been brought to market. Head down to Phoenix, Arizona where you will find Southwest Vintage Motorcars and their $39,900 40th Anniversary ZR-1. This 32 Valve DOHC LT5 powered 1993 ZR-1 and its awesome sawblade wheels strike the perfect balance between the super-low mileage, collector ZRs that you see all the time, and a high mileage beater. It currently sits at 15,135 miles and looks brand new but you don’t have to throw it in a collection, this first run, 405 HP “Corvette From Hell” is just begging to be driven, and driven hard!

1993 Corvette ZR-1

Of the 448 ZR-1s built in 1993, 245 of them were also the desirable Ruby Red Anniversary edition. It was the most potent American car you could buy at the time; one of them was even owned by Michael Jordan, who was fresh off his first “three-peat” at the time. This truly is a car for champions and you can and should make it yours this Black Friday!


We are going to close with the car that we just named the greatest Corvette of the hugely successful 1960s. From our sister site, VetteFinders comes a listing for a 427/435 that has driven less than 500 miles since its frame-off restoration. It is presented in its original (and the best available) shade of Marina Blue (one of 3,840 so painted) with a Black stinger and interior. It is described as a 10/10 (it better be this soon after being restored) and comes with both hard and soft tops and the original tank sticker. It is NCRS verified, numbers matching, and, along with the monster L71 engine, features some of the most lust worthy options available in 1967. These include the side mount exhaust and bolt-on wheels. The seller, out of Encinitas, CA, is asking $159,000 for the privelidge of being the next owner of this gem but it is listed as “or best offer” so a savvy purchaser could work out their own Black Friday deal!

1967 Corvette 427/435

Have a great holiday weekend everyone and know that we are extremely thankful for each and every one of our readers! Happy hunting!

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  1. The Corvette camp is running into the same scenario as the Harley Davidson cycle group. Production numbers too high, running out of the older generation with surplus cash. Yes the C-8 will be an item to attract tons of buyers but older models will sit by the curb as values deteriorate . C 1 & 2 values have peaked with base cars being restomoded while a few 2 x 4 and Fi. models hold to the glimmer of old days performance closely traded by deep pocket investors.
    Electronics, look alike production, and gadget loaded foreign cars capture the imagination and preference of todays youth. Older owners, many of which do not feel the need to sell off their child hood dream machines will continue to view them in their secure dwellings. Estate sales will dispose of them for the lure of cash, vacations, and entertainment. The past being a tool for a more glamorous life style.

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