Corvettes on Facebook: 1988 35th Anniversary Corvette for $5,900


Corvettes on Facebook: 1088 35th Anniversary Corvette for $6,000

If there is one car in the history of Corvettes that I have done a complete 180-degree turnaround on, it’s the 1988 Corvette 35th Anniversary special edition model. My conversion on this car started a few years back before I wrote my book on Corvette Special Editions. But since its publication last year, I have even a greater appreciation for the often looked-over Anniversary Edition.

Chevrolet had planned to do a 30th Anniversary model to correspond with the introduction of the new 1983 Corvette, except that car’s production was delayed and once it became the 1984 Corvette that kicked off the C4 generation, it made the idea of an Anniversary Edition moot.

It’s easy to look at these 4th generation cars and deride the white interior and steering wheel. I think many enthusiasts look at the whiteout interior and then compute the cleaning time required to keep the seats and steering wheel looking clean and fresh, as there is nothing sadder than a dirty white interior in a Corvette. I think that was one of my initial hang-ups when the car first came out.

Corvettes on Facebook: 1988 35th Anniversary Corvette for $5,900

But now I find myself attracted to these 35th Anniversary Editions, maybe because of the nostalgia of the car as I was 20 when it came out, but more and more it’s because of the uniqueness of the car.

Oh, and did I mention the price?

Corvettes on Facebook: 1988 35th Anniversary Corvette for $5,900

C4 Corvette owners trying to sell their cars must have patience as the model’s prices have nose-dived over the last few years, and selling times have increased significantly for the model. We found this 1988 Corvette listed for sale in Florida on the Facebook Marketplace for $5,900 – an amazing price for a driver-quality Corvette special edition of any generation, but one that has some significant, and rare options according to the seller:

Also includes the rare G44 option for better flowing exhaust (more horsepower) and the coveted 3.07 rear end. Only 14% of ’88 Vette’s had the G44 option.

This Anniversary edition has 89,000 miles and features an automatic transmission. It’s VIN 1277 of 2050 produced. It looks like the seller has put some money into the car as it’s advertised with new tires, brakes, leather seats, leather steering wheel, AC converted to 134R, full tune Up and a synthetic oil change. The seller reports the bad news as the paint is showing some blemishes (but still in good condition for a driver), and a stereo that’s only broadcasting out of one speaker. The power locks are also said to suffer from weak solenoids.

Corvettes on Facebook: 1988 35th Anniversary Corvette for $5,900

As we mentioned, C4 Corvette price have literally reached rock bottom, and I see a scenario where this Corvette could be driven for a couple of years and then sold for the same price or more as long as the new owner takes care of it. No worries here about depreciation! For younger enthusiasts who want to get into the hobby with an inexpensive Corvette, and yet still have something interesting to drive, this 1988 Corvette 35th Anniversary Editon could just be your ticket to paradise!

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  1. $5,900, WOW! What’a steal! That car cost around $34,000 new in 1988. Just the new tires, brakes, leather seats, leather steering wheel, converted AC and a synthetic oil change would set you back a couple of grand.

    Even with the L98 engine, there’s a lot that can be done with a car like this. A great low-cost way to get into a Corvette!

  2. Theres 1 for sale here locally
    1988 35th Anniversary Coupe Bloomington Gold Certified, Bloomington Survivor Gold and Bloomington Gold Benchmark. 1100 miles > $33,900

  3. Fond memories of our first Corvette: Torch red 96 C4 w/the GS motor. Granted, newer than this offering, but climbing in a C4 or raising the hood is hard to beat. Excellent price.

  4. That is a steal…especially with the care that it seems has been taken care of it. I recently found a 1991 base coupe that the guy had advertised at $10,500…but he’d done the worst thing you can do to any car; he had let it sit for 6 years. Needed a bunch of TLC including a whole new set of injectors. I got it for $7,500 and have put about another 4 grand into it, but I still feel I got a great deal. All fixed and up and running it’s a great daily driver that, in decent weather, I drive about 3 days a week. When bought he had advertised it had 68,000 miles but it really had 78,000…I now have around 82,000 on it and it’s a great driver. And I don’t plan on ever selling it, my nephew gets it when I kick the bucket. And I believe the C4’s are bottoming out now…they will then start appreciating soon. It’s got the six-speed manual too which was a deal-breaker for me. Save the manuals! There are so many with the automatic…and I didn’t want any of those. Torch Red with Grey leather interior the only thing he changed was the stereo. He put in a high end Kenwood which though not OE, is an upgrade, to me. Ingress and egress is a bit cumbersome, as I age, but the car drives so nice…still got all the original shocks, etc. I plan on redoing the sway bar bushings, etc. But it’s been well taken care of, they’re not cracking or anything after all these years. I’ve been fortunate enough to have gotten to drive just about every year Corvette has been made, starting when I was 14 and my brother had a 1956…I still would like to have a 56 or 57, but they’re a bit pricey these days. This is the first Corvette I’ve been able to actually own, so I’m pretty happy about that! A $30,000 and then some car new in 1991 and I believe will start going up in value for the rest of my life. I never cared for the C4’s, especially the early ones, but the 1991-96’s are the ones to own…better everything, including more attractive front fascia and rear too. Loving it! And as many money troubles I’ve had in my life, I think I’m very fortunate to finally own one and I’m very proud of it!

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