Idaho Couple Donates a 1988 35th Anniversary Corvette to the National Corvette Museum


Thanks to the generosity of an Idaho couple, the National Corvette Museum is now the proud owner of a virtually brand new 1988 35th Anniversary Corvette.

We’ve seen a few of these all-white cars through the years, and the beautiful white interior is usually the first thing to be ruined by everyday use.

But that’s definitely not the case with this 35th Anniversary Corvette donated by Rick and Deb Seymour last month to the NCM.

In fact, the pampered Corvette has covered just 380 miles in the past 27 years since the Seymours decided to buy it after seeing a photo of an anniversary edition ’88 on the cover of Vette Vues.

It’s never been washed with a hose, just when the wheels and tires needed cleaning, and except for the battery, it remains completely original. They even wore gloves to keep body oil from getting onto the steering wheel the few miles they were in the driver’s seat!

“You might consider it a little nutty,” Rick admits.

But true Corvette enthusiasts know just how he feels.

The Seymours realize they have a special car, and when Bloomington Gold moved to their hometown of Champaign, Ill., they decided to have it certified there. Indeed their car earned Bloomington Gold, Survivor, and Benchmark Certifications before being returned home to Garden City, Idaho aboard an enclosed trailer.

After a trip to the NCM in 2006 to pick up their new Z06, the couple decided they would leave their special ’88 to the museum in their will. But they moved up those plans when they heard that the NCM was looking for a 35th Anniversary Corvette to display.

“After it was certified, all it did was sit on a rack, covered,” Deb said. “We decided we might as well donate it while we are still alive so we can come see it, and others can see it.”

The car arrived at the NCM in late July, and the Seymours are thrilled to see their “baby” back home again.

“This is a big part of our lives,” says Deb. “The opportunity to share it with so many people is just the best thing that could happen to us.”

As you might expect, the Museum is very pleased to get the car, saying: “Thank you to Richard and Debra for entrusting your beautiful piece of history to the Museum. The Corvette is now featured in the Skydome as part of an Anniversary and Special Edition display and is sure to be enjoyed by many visitors for years to come.”

National Corvette Museum

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  1. At least he can rest well knowing it’s in good hands now. I’d love to have a car like that, but would hate knowing that it’s just sitting out in my garage wasting away. Or alternatively, having to constantly put money and time into it to take care of it. Better to just let a museum take care of it and appreciate it.

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