[VIDEO] Barrett-Jackson To Honor the Late Dave Ressler with a 1988 Corvette Charity Auction


[VIDEO] Barrett-Jackson To Honor the Late Dave Ressler with a 1988 Corvette Charity Auction

Most of the millions of cars produced each year spend their lives in anonymous servitude.

But then there are some that earn a chance to make a difference, to stand out from the crowd.

One such vehicle is this 1988 35th anniversary Corvette, you know, the white-on-white special edition that even features white wheels.

This 35th-anniversary edition was presented to Barrett-Jackson CEO Craig Jackson by a close friend, Dave Ressler, in recognition of the legendary auction house’s own special anniversary last year.

“That’s why he gave it to us, in commemoration of our 35th anniversary,” Jackson says. “He presented us with a 35th anniversary Corvette. He also gave us a 40th anniversary Corvette, which we sold for Tgen, and I was going to call him that day and talk about Tgen and charity, and I never got to talk to him.”

Sadly, Ressler passed away suddenly from a heart attack at age 61.

[VIDEO] Barrett-Jackson To Honor the Late Dave Ressler with a 1988 Corvette Charity Auction

Ressler famously paid $1 million for the rights to purchase the first 2009 Corvette ZR1 in 2009 and he also paid $1 million to purchase the No. 003 1953 Corvette in 2006. Both Corvettes were purchased at the Barrett-jackson Scottsdale auction.

In memory of his dear friend, Jackson decided to auction off the 35th anniversary Corvette at this year’s auction in Scottsdale Jan. 13-21, with proceeds going to the American Heart Association.

In fact, Ressler’s death made such an impact on Jackson that Barrett-Jackson will be holding a “driven hearts” campaign all this year to help the American Heart Association.

“First time we’ve ever done this in our company’s history,” Jackson says, “to go auction-to-auction to raise money for one single fund, and that is to raise money for the American Heart Association.”

Barrett-Jackson also plans efforts at its auctions to educate folks about the dangers of heart disease, including “some very impactful visual effects out there to teach people to really learn,” Jackson says.

“What can you do to see the signs of a heart attack coming on, and that is going to be doing at all four auctions across the country.”


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  1. I did not know that Dave Ressler had passed. He was quite a character at the auctions always haviing a sports jacket to match the color of the cat he was selling or buying. He was fun to watch.

  2. I am so sad to see that Dave Ressler passed away. He was one heck of a colorful guy. And I’ll never forget how he wore a suit coat to match the color of the Corvette he was selling every time. I even remember seeing him switch jackets quickly when he had successive cars on the block.
    May you rest in peace, Dave. The Corvette World will surely miss you.

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