[VIDEO] Mystery C8 Corvette Behind the Assembly Plant is Covered Up


[VIDEO] Mystery C8 Corvette Behind the Assembly Plant is Covered Up

That partly-disassembled C8 Corvette that was spotted parked behind the Corvette Assembly Plant has been covered up as a new video shows.

YouTuber Gresham Veazey was with our friend Byron of Drive 615 when they spotted what we all thought was a wrecked C8 Convertible prototype in camouflage behind the plant. Upon closer inspected, it is more likely a prototype that was damaged or had parts removed/cannibalized for another build.

Gresham went by the plant again this week and found that car in question is now covered. We assume that it’s covered to keep additional prying eyes checking out the car and not really for protection from the elements. If this is a true pre-production prototype with an EX-vin, the car is going to be crushed anyway so it could be waiting for transport to the crusher.

But while he was at the plant, Gresham did spot a couple of C8 Stingray Coupes parked in the lot and he checks them both out.

From Gresham Veazey on YouTube:

Gresham Veazey / YouTube

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